Royal Military College of Canada
Thesis Binding Checklist
To have your thesis bound, please make sure you have included the following items by checking them
off the list below. Then fill in your name and department in the space provided.
1 copy of title page, folded in half
2 printed copies of thesis
Your name:
Please select a preferred cover title language for your bound copies:
French English
Please deliver all items in a cardboard box (or in large envelopes bound with an elastic) to Massey
Library. Include a copy of this completed checklist and write your name and department in large
letters on the outside of the box/envelopes.
Additional Copies
If you wish to have additional copies bound at your own expense, please contact the bindery directly
to make the arrangements. The Library can provide the binderys contact information. You must
package these additional copies separately - they cannot be packaged with copies processed by
the Library. Include any needed paperwork for payment. These copies can then be left at the
Library to be picked up by the bindery. Pick up times are twice a year (March or April, and
September or October). The Library is not responsible for these shipments. In the event of
problems, please contact the bindery.
For office use only:
A. Received date:
B. Copies sent for
Date sent: Date received:
C. Bound copies sent to:
icked up by Department: No. of copi