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CSU Chico University Housing and Food Service
Roommate Agreement and Interview
Welcome to
University Housing and Food Service!
We want your time with us to be enjoyable, comfortable, and welcoming.
Part of our dedication
to “Living, Learning, Leading” includes giving
our community
members tips and instruction
on how to
have your first and
most important roommate discussion. Our core values for the roommate relationship are:
1. Mutual Respect for each roommate’s belongings, value system, and the right to live and study safely.
2. Communication between roommates on any and all issues that affect the roommate relationship.
3. Flexibility within the roommate relationship and the community, as conditions may change from time to time.
Referring to
the University
Housing and Food Service
, please take
time to read
roommate information. Think carefully about these issues, as they will guide your roommate relationship for the next 9
onths. There is no “right or wrong” answer.
After meeting and getting to know your roommate, please take time to discuss with each other these questions and concerns:
a. “Stuff” your possessions and purchases
1. Food (snacks, beverages, anything that you might eat in the room)
2. Clothing (also include personal items like makeup, brushes, shoes, etc.)
3. Electronics (TV, video games, computer, movies, CD’s)
4. Cleaning Supplies
5. Kitchen/Cooking Supplies (pots, pans, utensils, approved appliances)
6. To share or not to share a fridge* (see point below)
b. Relationships dealing with friends, significant others, family, visitors
1. How often and when can you host guests? (refer to LIVING IN for limitations of this)
2. How are we defining guests? Is there a difference between, say, hosting a study group and having your
buddy from home over to watch Monday Night Football?
3. Are overnight guests okay?
4. Are significant others okay to stay the night? What about when you want “privacy” with your significant
5. How late guests can stay? How much advance notice is needed?
6. Can my guest sleep in your bed if you’re not home? Can my guest use your “stuff” when you’re not there?
7. Are we going to be best friends? Just good roommates? What if we came in as best friends and things
c. Rules of the House lifestyle, study hours, cleaning, room comfort
1. When and where will studying take place?
2. What is the study environment like in the room? Do you study with music or TV, or do you need absolute
3. What time will we go to bed and get up? Does the week day schedule change on the weekends? What if the
other person is on the exact opposite schedule?
4. How do we handle room temperature during cold seasons and warm seasons? Who has responsibility for
maintaining thermostat and/or opening/closing windows?
5. How often do we clean our room? Our refrigerator? Taking out our trash? If we share a bathroom, how
often do we clean it? What does CLEAN mean to you? How and when do we communicate when the other
struggles with our mess and/or smell?
d. Talking It Out when we don’t get along or don’t agree on things
1. How do we approach each other when we get angry, don’t understanding something, or want to be heard?
2. What are our areas of compromise? What are the “non-negotiable” with our roommate agreement?
3. How will I respond when you confront me? OR, are you the type of person who waits until the straw-that-
broke-the-camel’s-back arises?
4. At what point do we go to the Resident Advisor for help?
5. What are our rules about venting publically (on the floor, facebook, twitter, etc.)
*refers to the Microfrige appliances that are placed in each room by Micro101 at the beginning of the year. Students are highly advised to
keep these rental agreements and use these appliances rather than bringing their own mini-fridge from home. Furthermore students
living at University Village HAVE to share a refrigerator and may not bring one from home, as they are provided.
After you and your roommate discuss these questions, draft the official narrative of your “roommate agreement.” Write something that
best represents the spirit of your living arrangement that you can be held accountable to (i.e., “we will share most items (except
toothbrushes) but it is expected that we ask first,” “In order to have an overnight guest we must ask our roommate _ day(s) in advance,”
etc.). These will be kept by your RA and you are welcome to ask for a copy at any point.
What will you share? What won’t you share? What are your expectations of your roommate(s) treatment of your things?
What sorts of guest are okay with you and your roommate? What are the parameters for notifying your roommate(s) of your intention to
have a guest?
Rules of the House:
What are our sleeping/studying schedules? Should we
Talking it out:
How will we resolve conflict?
*This written agreement is due to your Resident Advisor no later than
Printed Name/Signature:
mmate #1 Roommate #2
Roommate #3 Roommate #4
Roommate #5 Roommate #6
Room/Cluster #:___________________________________ RA Name: _____________________________________