Rock Valley College Application for Degree or Certificate Completion
*Please see an Academic Advisor prior to submitting this application to the Records & Registration Office*
This application will not be reviewed until after the final grades have been submitted for the semester in which you are applying.
To apply for spring graduation, submit application by March 1
To apply for summer graduation, submit application by June 1*
To apply for fall graduation, submit application by October 1
*If you are a summer graduate planning to participate in the current year’s annual ceremony, submit application by March 1
Applications must be returned to the Records & Registration Office to be considered for graduation by the specified deadlines.
Please mark one of the following:
(Each degree/certificate applied for must be on a separate application form)
egree Applying for:
*Eligible for participation in the annual Graduation Ceremony
Associate of Arts (1000) Associate of Science (1700) Associate in Engineering Science (1775)
A.G.S. (0100; requires a signed contract) Associate in Applied Science in:
Note: Only for students earning a degree
Are you planning to attend the annual ceremony: Yes By selecting “YESan informational letter/reservation form will be emailed to you in
Regardless of intent to participate in the early March to confirm your participation. If you wish to participate in the ceremony,
ceremony, all diplomas and certificates will return the reservation form by the deadline noted in the information letter to officially
be mailed within six weeks following the end reserve your cap, gown, seat and guest seating. Students must order a cap & gown via
of the semester that requirements were met. the process outlined in the information letter you may not borrow a prior graduates
No By selecting “NO” you have indicated you will not be participating in the ceremony.
No further information will be sent to you regarding Commencement.
Certificate Applying for:
*Not eligible for participation in the annual Graduation Ceremony
The Graduation Survey has been completed prior to the submission of the Application for Completion.
Advisor Signature: Date:
I have confirmed that this student’s program evaluation is correct and the student is on track for graduation for the semester indicated above.
Student Signature: Date:
I am aware of my academic requirements to complete graduation. I understand that if my requirements are not completed as discussed with my Advisor and/or as indicated on my
program evaluation, I will not be able to graduate for the semester indicated above and I must re-apply.
For Office/Advisor Use Only:
I: Curriculum Number: Catalog Used: GPA and Honors: Date Degree/Cert. Posted:
PTK Member: Advisor’s Notes (please list courses/requirements needed towards completion):
Name (As you would like it to appear on your diploma) Previous Last Name Student ID Number Today’s Date
Address (with apartment number if applicable) City, State, Zip **If your address changes, notify Records to update your GRADUATION APPLICATION**
Phone Number Non-RVC Email Address Semester & Year of Completion
Emails relating to Commencement & and post-graduation messages will be sent here, as well as RVC Gmail
Degrees in this category can be found on the reverse of this form
Certificates in this category can be found on the reverse of this form
Duplicate Diploma/Certificate
$30 Diploma reprint ● $10 Certificate reprint
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