Send or deliver your application to:
Property Projects, Wellington City Council, PO Box 2199, Wellington 6140.
For more information phone 04 499 4444.
Notes for the applicant
Before you submit an application, check with a Council Property Advisor to see if your application meets the conditions for a road
stopping in principle.
Once this application is lodged with the Council, it becomes public information. If there is sensitive information in the proposal,
please let us know. Application fee of $517.50 (including GST). The Council will invoice you for this once we’ve received your
For more information, please refer to the Road Encroachment and Sale Policy on our website or
read the enclosed information sheet on road stoppings.
Applicant details
Full name:
Postal address:
Phone: Mobile:
Property details
Site address: (Specify unit/level number, location of building within site/block number, building name and street name)
Land use: (District Plan zoning, eg commercial, residential, rural etc)
Legal description: (eg Lot 1 DP12345 Land title WN12A/345)
Property owner details (if dierent from above)
Names of all property owners:
Contact person:
Postal address:
Phone: Mobile:
Road-Stopping Application Form
Description of project
Name of road to be stopped:
Reason for stopping: (Examples include decks, gardens, garages, balconies, retaining walls, future subdivision. Please note this is
not a full list)
Associated subdivision: (if any)
Please continue on a separate sheet if necessary.
Council applications for this project
Common applications Have applied already
(Write application number if known)
Oce use only
(information provided)
Project information memorandum (PIM)
Building consent
Vehicle access
Encroachment licence/landowner consent
Land use resource consent
Subdivision resource consent
Sewer connection/disconnection
Stormwater connection/disconnection
Water connection/disconnection
Land title (Computer Freehold Register – search copy dated within past 30 days)
(Contact Land Information New Zealand on 0800 665 463)
Aerial view of the property clearly showing the area that may be stopped
(The Council’s service centre at 101 Wakeeld Street can provide a map or check cityview on our website
This includes up to ve hours of processing time by Council sta.
Once processing time exceeds ve hours, $103.50 (including GST) per hour will be charged on a time taken basis.
A refund may be given if the proposal is declined, less a non-refundable amount of $207 (including GST). This is equivalent to
two hours processing time. Time incurred by Council sta in excess of two hours will also be charged. No refund will be made
following a favourable Council resolution at step 4 of the road-stopping process.
Applicant statement
I/We understand that the road stopping must be done in compliance with the Local Government Act 1974 and/or the Public Works
Act 1981 and Wellington City Council’s road-stopping process.
I/We understand that Wellington City Council cannot guarantee that any given application will be successful.
I/We agree to pay the application fee of $517.50 (including GST), of which $207 (including GST) is non-refundable.
Signature(s) of all property owners
Date received: Project #
Property ID: Receipt # Amount paid $