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* Sec. 35-125. Permit application.
Any person desiring to obtain a right-of-way concrete permit shall submit to the city engineer, in writing on a form approved by the city manager
and provided by the city engineer, all required information. In addition, the applicant may be required to provide other pertinent information as
the city manager or city engineer may reasonably deem necessary. An application is considered complete when all materials necessary to make a
determination on the application have been received.
(Ord. No. 15-10805, § 1, 10-5-15)
Items #2-#11 to be completed by applicant
1. Permit Number (will be assigned by staff)
2. Address (where work will be done)
3. Property Owner (per recorded legal deed)
4. Legal Description
If necessary, please include plans for any new concrete or if changes are being made to existing concrete:
5. Sidewalk dimensions __________ feet long __________ feet wide
6. Driveway approach dimensions __________ feet long __________ feet wide
7. Curbing dimensions __________ feet long
The fee for this permit is included in the Comprehensive Fee Schedule on the City Website
Inspections are required for the work performed in conjunction with this concrete permit
Please call 785-309-5725 to request inspections for the right of way concrete work
8. Contractor (company name)
9. Applicant’s Name
10. Signature of Contractor
(or applicant representing contractor)
11. Date
Application Approved By (signature of plan
Date of approval
Right-of-Way Concrete Application
Driveways, Sidewalks, Curb & Gutter or any other concrete
*Per Salina Code 35-125
Department of Public Works
300 W. Ash Street, Room 205
Salina, KS 67401
Pursuant to city code, Section 35-159, concrete permits shall be valid for a period of
120 days from the date of issuance. The Engineering Division of Public Works will
enforce this code for stand-alone permits issued directly by the Engineering Division.
This allows staff to better monitor the stand-alone projects and track which projects are
being completed on time and which projects are delayed. If a stand-alone permit has
been issued by the Engineering Division but the work has been delayed past the 120
day period, the permit will expire and a new permit will need to be issued.
Concrete permits issued by the Building Services Division in conjunction with a building
permit (example: a new home building permit) shall be subject to the provisions and
code requirements related to expiration of the building permit. The building permit
allows the continued monitoring by building inspectors while construction is in progress.
All concrete right of way permits are subject to the rules and regulations as set for by
the Salina city code.