Richland County Government
Special Tax Assessment for Rehabilitated Historic Properties
Application for PRELIMINARY Certification
The Richland County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 23, Sections 60 – 64, authorizes a Special Tax Assessment for
Rehabilitated Historic Properties that meet the criteria for eligibility. Upon Final Certification, eligible properties
will receive an assessment equal to the assessed value at the time of preliminary certification. The special
assessment period shall not exceed twenty (20) years in length. A separate application is required for Final
Certification once the rehabilitation work has been completed. Completed applications, including all required
attachments, should be mailed to: Richland County Conservation Department, Attn: Nancy Stone-Collum, PO
Box 192 Columbia, SC 29202.
1. Property Information
Name of Historic Property:
Street Address:
South Carolina
Zip Code:
TMS #:
Fair Market Value:
How did you determine the fair
market value of the building?
(Attach documentation )
Property appraisal completed by a real estate appraiser licensed
by the State of South Carolina OR
Sale price as delineated in a bona fide contract of sale within
twelve months of the time the application is submitted OR
Most recent appraised value published by the Richland County
Tax Assessor
In what jurisdiction is the property
(select one)
Arcadia Lakes Blythewood
Eastover Forest Acres
Irmo Unincorporated Richland County
For properties within the city limits of Columbia, apply directly to
Columbia Preservation Planning Office for their determination.
2. Applicant Information
Name of Property Owner:
Mailing Address:
Zip Code:
3. Historic Designation
Eligibility Requirements
(Attach documentation)
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places individually or as a
contributing property in a district OR
Determined eligible for the National Register by SC Dept. of Archives
and History OR
Listed on the Richland County Bicentennial Committee Historic Homes
and Buildings Landmark Program (1981) OR
Designated a historic property by Richland County
Provide a brief overview of the historical significance of the building. When was the primary structure built?
Include dates and description of any major alterations.
4. Project Information
Project start date (month/year):
Estimated Completion Date (month/year):
Total Estimated Project Cost:
How will this property be used once completed? Owner-occupied Income-producing
What types of improvements will be
undertaken as part of this project?
(Select all that apply)
Repairs to the exterior of the building
Alterations to the exterior
New construction on the property including site work
Alterations to interior primary public spaces, as defined by the
reviewing authority
Any remaining work where the expenditures for such work are
being used to satisfy the minimum expenditures for rehabilitation,
including , but not limited to alterations made to mechanical,
plumbing and electrical systems
5. Description of Rehabilitation
Has an application for federal or state Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits been filed for this property?
Yes Attach: One (1) copy of Historic Preservation Certification Application Part 2 - Description of
Rehabilitation; required documentation (photos, plans, etc.) and approval letter
OR Attach: One (1) copy of Certified Rehabilitation Application S2 - Description of Rehabilitation; required
documentation (photos, plans etc.) and approval letter
No Attach: One (1) copy of Rehabilitated Historic Property Application Part A, Preliminary Review Form
and required documentation (photos, plans, etc.)
6. Required Attachments
Applications will not be reviewed until all required attachments have been submitted.
A map showing the location of the property (generate aerial maps here)
Documentation of fair market value
Documentation of historic eligibility
Application and required documentation for description of rehabilitation
nder penalty of perjury, I certify that all information included in this application is true and correct. I understand
this property shall not be eligible for the Special Tax Assessment for Rehabilitated Historic Properties until final
certification has been granted by Richland County Government pursuant to Chapter 23, Sections 60 – 64, of the
Richland County Code of Ordinances, and Section 4-9-195 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, 1976, as amended.
Applicant’s Signature Date