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2020 Spring Summer
Revision Request
Name:_________________________________________________ UMID:_______________________
My enrollment plans have changed. I will be enrolled in the following number of credit hours:
Spring Semester _________
Summer Semester _________
Semester Spring/Summer Spring only Summer only
Reason Reduce Loan Increase Loan Return Loan Money
Grade Level Change Decline Work Study Decline Loan (s) offered
Please explain the action you want Financial Aid to take (indicate the semester and reason above):
Scholarship/Resource(s) Spring Amount Summer Amount
Signature:___________________________________________________________ Date:_________________________
Federal Direct Loan Change
Enrollment Change
Important Information: Enrollment Requirements Federal Direct Loan and Federal Pell Grant
Additional Aid Received From Other Sources
Federal Direct Loans require enrollment in a minimum of 6 credit hours for undergraduate students and a
minimum of 4 credit hours for graduate students between the spring & summer enrollment period.
Eligibility for the additional Spring/Summer Federal Pell Grant is based on continued enrollment in a
minimum of 6 credits between the Spring/Summer Session(s). If your enrollment falls below 6 credits
between Spring/Summer, your Federal Pell Grant will be cancelled for BOTH sessions.