Improve collaboration - Leverage differences and
build trust to overcome innovation-killers while rapidly
achieving goals.
Build better teams - Teams with resilient relationships
achieve breakthrough when others breakdown. Teams
with high RQ shape the conversations that solve
problems and get work done.
Coach for performance - Turn managers into effective
coaches. Core Strengths’ real-time RQ insight elevates
the manager-team relationship, allowing them to rise
to challenges and respond to opportunities, together.
How to Prepare for Your Upcoming Workshop
To ensure you get the most out of your experience please complete your SDI 2.0 assessment prior to
the workshop. Once you have completed your SDI 2.0 be sure to login to the Platform and access your
personalized debrief videos.
Login to the Core Strengths Platform using the email
and password you created when taking your SDI 2.0
Read through the 5 sections, watch your personal
debrief videos, and mark the statements at the bottom
of sections 2 and 3 that are true about you.
By the end of your personal debrief you will better
understand yourself and others and be ready for
the workshop.
Learn How to Build a Workplace Where Relationships Thrive
During the Results through Relationships experiential workshop, our goal is to give your organization
a common language and actionable insight where you can:
Results through Relationships
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