Resource Request Form
Please submit a separate Santiago Canyon College Resource Request Form for each
request you make. Therefore, if you are requesting more than one new position, or set of
supplies, and/or equipment, you should complete multiple Santiago Canyon College Resource
Request Forms.
This request is for prioritization for the upcoming fiscal year, and it will be eligible for
available funding from July 1
to June 30
Non-instructional Equipment
Non-instructional Supplies
Non-instructional Technology
Contract Services
Facility need (space)
1. Resource request title:
2. Requestor’s name/group:
3. Requestor phone:
4. Type of Request (see Funding Category Definitions):
Instructional Equipment
Instructional Supplies
Instructional Technology
5. Reason for request:
Please provide a brief narrative explaining why you are making this request. (700 character max)
The immediate and/or long-term impact this request will have on your program or in your
area. (300 character max)
If this request is not funded, the most negative impact will be at the ______ level?
No negative Impact
6. Resource request total cost (please provide supporting cost documentation for
resource request):
One time cost: $
Ongoing (annual) cost: $
Total one time and ongoing cost: $
Minimum amount this could be partially funded: $
7. Resource request destination (see Resource Request Process Flowchart):
Division Office
Facility & Safety Committee
Technology Committee
President’s Cabinet
VP Administrative Services
VP Academic Affairs
VP Continuing Education
VP Student Services
8. Is this resource request legally mandated? (300 character max) Yes No
Legally mandated is defined as that which is required to be in compliance with federal, state, or local laws and
If yes, please provide explanation. (300 character max)
9. Is this resource request addressing a known or new safety need?
Yes No
A safety need is defined as a resource that will eliminate or prevent hazards to person or property.
If yes, please provide explanation. (300 character max)
11. Does this request support the Santiago Canyon College’s Mission? Yes
12. Is this request for a designated Signature Program? Yes
13. Select all SCC goals that this request supports.
I. Support a college culture of academic excellence and personalized education
II. Support student success and equity by enhancing the integration of student services, instructional areas,
and institutional initiatives
III. Focus on student completion of pathways
IV. Improve communication within the college community
V. Support faculty and staff development
VI. Optimize access to physical, technological, human, and fiscal resources through data-informed, integrated
planning and resource allocation processes
VII. Maintain and enhance the college’s technological infrastructure and facilities
VIII. Strengthen and refine the processes that integrate planning and resource allocation
IX. Enhance and expand the college’s community presence
10. Are there standard pratices in the field to support your request (i.e. industry, professional
organization, other institutions)?
If yes, please provide explanation. (300 character max)
All technology related price quotes
must come from ITS.
Please ensure quotes include the total
cost of acquisition of the requested
resource which includes costs for the
- Hardware
- Software
- Licensing
- Subscription
- Mounting and Installation
Requested software must also have a
current Voluntary Product Accessibility
Template (VPAT) on file.
$ 0.00
Attach Files
15. If this is a technology request, please ans
wer the following:
How ma
ny estimated students served
Number of sections
Number of classrooms impacted
18. Provide evidence that this resource request is in your program review. Cut and paste the specific
areas from the program review that relate directly
to this request.
19. If you complete
outcomes assessment, include evidence from your submitted outcomes
assessment reports that relate directly to this request and provide a related explanation of how
the data supports your request.
15. Select any Facilities Master Plan priorities that this resource request supports.
Maximize functional space
Eliminate non-functional space
Improve efficiency/utilization of facilities
Enhance the campus environment
Right-size the campus to address program needs
16. If you complete a yearly Department Planning Portfolio (DPP), provide evidence that this
resource request is in your unit’s DPP. Cut and paste the specific areas from the DPP that
relate directly to this request. If this is a committee requests, please submit any minutes,
agendas, or notes that support the request in lieu of a DPP.
20. If you have student achievement data (success, retention, persistence, transfer, etc.) that relate
directly to this request, please provide the data and an explanation of how the data support
your request.
14. Select one of the SCC goals that you feel most relevant to your resource request and provide an
explanation as to how your request supports the selected goal. (300 character max)