Residential event notication and approval form
It is the responsibility of the licence holder to ensure that Girlguiding policies and procedures are followed and
that this form is completed accurately, updated information sent to the commissioner where necessary and
that the event does not go ahead until authorisation is received.
When to use this form:
Your commissioner must be notied of and approve all events that involve an overnight stay using this form.
This can be submitted to your commissioner electronically. It is recommended that you complete this form on a
computer or suitable tablet and not a mobile phone.
• For international events, you must submit a permission to plan form and receive your commissioner’s
authorisation to submit part one of the REN. A copy of this form must be held at your country/region ofce or by
the branches adviser once part two is signed off.
• For UK events, part one must be submitted before any booking is made, unless the unit could afford to write off
any small deposit.
Authorising the event is the responsibility of the commissioner and this is best achieved by using the knowledge and
expertise of her advisers. Your local commissioner must pass the information along to be seen by a relevant adviser
(eg outdoor activities adviser and/or international adviser). If you are staying at an independent site (such as a
church hall or farmers eld) it is good practice to make contact with the local residential/outdoor activities adviser.
Resources for Planning:
Risk assessment template
Activity nder – please check for guidelines and requirements for all activities
Members with disabilities – seek advice from your inclusion advisers and check the guidance on our website
Parental permission – this is required for all residential events. The information and Consent for Event/Activity
form must include all planned activities (e.g. swimming, archery)
Health Information Forms (UK or International) – parents and all adults must also complete the appropriate form
for the nature of the residential.
Home Contact Agreement (UK or International) – to be completed following the home contact system guidance
FAQs – our regularly updated FAQs page on the Girlguiding website provides additional information and advice
When planning a residential or overnight
event you must refer to Girlguiding
residential event procedures.
Please refer to the guidance notes
attached before completing
this form.
When to send
For international events,
your commissioner will have
set deadlines when she
returned your permission
to plan form.
For UK events, these timescales should be treated as a minimum:
• Part one must be sent to your commissioner at least 12 weeks
before the event (a shorter period may be accepted in
exceptional circumstances at the discretion of your
• Part two must be sent at least four weeks before the event
• For large-scale events, you should allow as much as 12 to
18 months
If there are any changes to participant numbers or staff,
these can be updated when you sent part two.
Licence Holder/Leader in charge details
You must provide your
membership number so that
your commissioner can look
up your details on GO to check
relevant qualications.
Please make sure you include contact details, so your
commissioner can contact you should she need any additional
Going away with assessment required
Your commissioner needs to know what modules you have already
completed and whether there are any that you want to be
assessed for as part of this event.
Please mark in the box “held” to indicate what you already have;
mark “working towards” for any module that you are asking to be
assessed for as part of this event.
For UK events, you must notify your commissioner as soon as
possible (and no later than 12 weeks before your event) that
you wish to complete your Going Away With Licence and/or
additional modules so that she can allocate a mentor and
ensure you are supported to successfully complete your
For international events, this information should already have
been provided on the permission to plan form (indicated with
an asterisk on your permission to plan form), unless otherwise
agreed with your commissioner. You should use these sections
to provide more details or amend what you have previously
indicated on the permission to plan form.
For international events, a
‘permission to plan’ form must
be submitted and approval
given before planning starts.
Leader considers running a
residential event.
Leader has initial discussion with
her commissioner.
Leader completes part 1 of
Residential Event Notification form
and sends it to her commissioner.
This can be done in paper form or
by email.
Commissioner forwards the form to
relevant adviser(s).
(Host adviser if the event is taking
place in another county, interna-
tional adviser if taking place
abroad, etc.)
If adviser is happy with the
plans, she will return the form
to the commissioner.
If she has concerns,
she will communicate these to
the commissioner.
Commissioner confirms
approval for the event, using
advice from the relevant adviser
and returns the residential event
notification formto the leader
by post or email.
Leader organises information
and consent for event/activity
and health information forms
as appropriate.
If the leader has stated on her
form that she needs to work
towards a qualification,
the commissioner or adviser will
assign a mentor.
Leader submits part 2 of
Residential Event Notification form
to commissioner 4 weeks prior to
the event date.
When satisfied they are in a
position to approve the event,
the commissioner will send
prior approval.
Residential event process
Type of event
Your commissioner needs to know details of the event. Use the table to indicate all that apply and then give
further details in the box provided. An outline activity plan and risk assessment must be attached to the form
when you submit.
All UK venues must be approved by Girlguiding. If you are unsure whether your venue has been approved, contact
your county residential adviser to conrm/arrange a visit to approve it. For international events, you must ensure
the venue meets Girlguiding policies.
Travel arrangements
Please include mode(s) of transport including how you will get around once you have arrived at your destination.
If you have girls or volunteers with additional needs, you must address their needs in your draft risk assessment.
For international events, check whether Foreign Ofce advice (eg risk status) has changed in terms of whether it is
considered safe to visit/travel through (do additional precautions need to be made?).
Details of all adults
Your commissioner needs this information, including membership numbers, to check relevant qualications and that
all adults have completed the necessary vetting and recruitment checks and are on GO (DBS for England & Wales
and some BGO and Branches, PVG for Scotland and Access NI for Ulster). Please include here all adult volunteers
such as parents, carers and occasional residential helpers.
In this section, include the qualications held by the licence holder.
Licence holders will require A Safe Space, level 1-3 by the compliance deadline (end of December 2020). All other
adult volunteers should have A Safe Space, level 1-2. Note the older A Safe Space training is equivalent to the
newer A Safe Space, levels 1-2.
Please tell us about all other participants not included in the above section. Tell us about gender breakdown and
any additional needs and how you will address these.
Tick to conrm you have attached the outline activity plan and draft risk assessment. These are a minimum
requirement. If you have any other documents you think will be helpful for the commissioner, you can add
them here.
A county commissioner attending her unit event as a unit leader can have the form authorised by her district
commissioner. If she is attending a county event as a county commissioner, then the chief commissioner for the
country/region needs to sign. If the chief commissioner is attending a region or international event, the chief
guide or deputy chief guide must sign it off, or if they are unavailable, then another chief commissioner.
Forms must never be signed by family members; if the relevant commissioner is related to the licence holder the
form should be passed to the commissioner above.
For Branched units, all forms for international events must be authorised by the branches adviser. For home country
events, forms can be authorised by the county commissioner except where she is attending the event, in which
case the branches adviser must authorise.
Home contact details
Please provide details of the home contact. You must conrm that the home contact has been provided with
information about the home contact role which sets out their responsibilities. You must attach the home contact
agreement form to conrm this.
Tick to conrm you have attached the Home Contact Agreement form; detailed activity plan and nal risk
assessments. These are a minimum requirement. For international events, you must include emergency contacts for
participants (a copy of which will be held at region). If you have any other documents you think would be helpful
for the commissioner you can add them here.
Commissioner section
The commissioner should record here who has been consulted regarding the event.
Any advice, comments or requests for information must be recorded on the form where indicated and returned to
the leader in charge/licence holder.
Do not sign the form until you are satised you are in a position to approve the event.
For international events, the commissioner must send a copy of the signed form to your region/country or branches
adviser as appropriate.
to be sent to commissioner at least 12 weeks prior to the event (UK events) and
9-18 months (international and large-scale events)
Unit Name Division/District
Name of Event
Start date End date
Leader in charge/licence holder
This refers to the person with overall responsibility for the event. They must complete the form and seek the
commissioner’s approval. This person already holds or is working towards the relevant modules of the Going Away
Licence. For international events, they must already hold the basic licence (modules 1-4 of the Going Away
With Scheme)
Please see the current guidance on the Girlguiding website around licence holder requirements at Girlguiding
Training and Activity Centres.
Licence Holder Details
First name/s
Surname Membership no.
Contact number Contact email
Going away with scheme assessment required?
If yes, which going away with licence modules do you hold or are you working towards (please tick all that apply):
Held Working
Held Working
Modules 1-4 (basic Going Away With licence)
¨ ¨
Module 8 (Camping
¨ ¨
Module 5 (Catering)
¨ ¨
Module 9 (Travelling
Abroad Module)
¨ ¨
Module 6 (Programme)
¨ ¨
Guide Camp Permit
¨ ¨
Module 7 (Facilities)
¨ ¨
The Senior Section Permit
¨ ¨
Type of event
Your event may fall into more than one category; tick all that apply:
Residential lasting two nights or more
I am responsible for:
Camping Equipment
Large scale event (100+ participants
including adults and the event team)*
Joint event with other
Girlguiding members**
Joint event with another
Holiday aoat
Adult trip
Note: You must provide an outline of your activity plan and your draft risk assessment
* Event co-ordinator must be approved by your commissioner. Please include their details under participant details
** If you are joining an event run by another Girlguiding unit or area, please ensure the event coordinator has
provided her commissioner with full details.
*** For joint events with other organisations you must follow all Girlguiding policies, including the Safeguarding
policy and data protection
**** Y our commissioner must discuss the trip with the international adviser before an international event can be approved.
Provide details of your event here:
Venue and/or provider information
Please provide address details including organisation or owner (if known), for example information could be:
‘Skelderthorpe County Campsite,Skeldertown, SK1 1AA’, or ‘The Canal Queen narrowboat,
owned by Jane Wilson, moored at SK1 1AA’.
Is this a Girlguiding approved venue?
Don’t know
Travel arrangements
Please give details of how participants will travel to and from the venue and any additional travel arrangements
during the event:
Participant details
Details of all adults (Please include all roles undertaken by adults at your event, including additional roles that are
covered by the licence holder such as event coordinator, caterer or rst aider):
Name(s) of all attending
Role at residential
(eg catering, rst aid)
Qualications adult(s)
eg rst response, Safe Space)
Total number of participants:
Rainbows Brownies Guides Rangers Young leaders
Adult volunteers/members Other adults (eg parents, carers or members of other
organisations. Their details must be included in “details of adults”
section above)
Other children:
Number Gender Age
Are there any men attending this event?
If yes, do you have adequate facilities to accommodate
the attending males?
Do any of the participants have additional needs?
If yes, please conrm how you have addressed these in your risk assessments and ratio of adults
* please see the Girlguiding equality and diversity policy for more information about supporting trans members
Tick to conrm you have attached these documents:
Activity plan
Risk assessment
Travel Insurance certicate (international only)
Other (please state)
Commissioner approval
Name Date
International Adviser approval (international events)
Name Date
Your commissioner will return your signed part 1 of the form, along with a checklist of next steps. For UK events,
once the signed form has been received, you can book or conrm your venue and continue planning your event.
If there are no issues, your commissioner will send back a signed and completed form at least 10 weeks prior to
the event. If you do not receive this form at least 10 weeks prior to the event, contact your commissioner.
Note: a participant in the event must not act as authorising commissioner for that event. See guidance notes.
to be sent to commissioner at least 4 weeks prior to event
Home contact details
Name: Membership number:
Mobile number: Home number:
Has the home contact been briefed on their role and responsibilities and agreed to undertake these?
You must attach the signed home contact agreement form
If you are joining another unit, or a bigger event, please enter the event home contact:
Detailed programme and risk assessment
In the space below please provide a description of adventurous activities, including information you have about
qualications of instructors/providers, and their risk assessments. You must attach a copy of your detailed
programme and your nal risk assessments for the trip including activities for which you are responsible.
Completed forms should be forwarded by authorising commissioner to all appropriate advisers.
Name(s) of adviser(s) forwarded to:
Tick to conrm you have attached these documents:
Home Contact agreement form
Emergency contacts for participants
(international events)
Detailed activity plan
Risk assessments
Other (please state)
Commissioner to complete
Advice/comments from adviser:
Where the commissioner requires further action before event can be authorised this should be stated here:
The Commissioner must return this form to the Leader either by email or post to conrm approval of this event.
This form must be signed only when the authorising Commissioner is happy with all aspects of the event.
Note: You must not continue with an event unless you have and carried out any additional actions to the authorising
commissioner’s satisfaction and you have received the signed form from her. Failure to do so is considered a serious
breach of Girlguiding policy it may also invalidate any insurance cover.
Commissioner approval
Name Date
If there are no issues, your commissioner will send back signed and completed form at least 2 weeks prior to the
event. If you do not receive this form at least 2 weeks prior to the event, contact your commissioner.
Updates after commissioner approval
If there are any changes after the REN is signed off by your commissioner, you must let your commissioner know as
soon as possible.
Summary of changes: