rizona Department of Education
Arizona Residency Documentation Form
Student__________________________________________ School _________________________
School District or Charter Holder __________________________________
Parent/Legal Guardian ______________________________________________________________
As the Parent/Legal Guardian of the Student, I attest* that I am a resident of the State of Arizona and submit in
support of this attestation a copy of the following document that displays my name and residential address or
physical description of the property where the student resides:
Valid Arizona driver’s license, Arizona identification card or motor vehicle registration
Valid Arizona Address Confidentiality Program authorization card
Real estate deed or mortgage documents
Property tax bill
Residential lease or rental agreement
Water, electric, gas, cable, or phone bill
Bank or credit card statement
W-2 wage statement
Payroll stub
Certificate of tribal enrollment (506 Form) or other identification issued by a recognized
Indian tribe in Arizona
Documentation from a state, tribal or federal government agency (Social Security
Administration, Veteran’s Administration, Arizona Department of Economic Security)
Temporary on-base billeting facility (for military families)
I am currently unable to provide any of the foregoing documents. Therefore, I have provided an
original affidavit signed and notarized by an Arizona resident who attests that I have established
residence in Arizona with the person signing the affidavit.
____________________________ ______________________
Signature of Parent/Legal Guardian Date
*For members of the armed services, the provision of verifiable documentation does not serve as a declaration of official residency
or income tax or other legal purposes. Armed service members may utilize a temporary on-
base billeting facility as the address for proof of residency.
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