2020-2021 Request for Class Reservation
Student Name:
What this form does: This form allows the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) to:
HOLD your classes so they WILL NOT be deleted.
Serve as proof that your file is complete with OSFA as of stamped date if submitted with all other
requested and required documents.
INSTRUCTIONS: READ and INITIAL each of the foll
owing statements. This form can only be completed by the STUDENT.
I understand the following: Initials
This class reservation form is not a financial aid award letter. It is a request to hold my registration in classes for the
entire 2020-2021 Academic Year until my financial aid eligibility has been determined.
I must be enrolled in an eligible credit level program leading to an approved Certificate or Associate Degree.
I should only enroll in and will only receive federal financial aid for, courses in my declared Program of Study (POS).
I must attend all classes I register for to remain eligible for any aid I may receive.
Additional information may be required before my financial aid award can be processed.
If I decide not to attend MC, I will officially withdraw from all my classes with the Office of Admissions & Records before
the end of the 100% refund date to avoid owing a bill (See MyMC for class 100% refund dates).
If I withdraw from all my classes before the end of the refund period, my financial aid may be reduced or
I must have received a High School Diploma, GED or its equivalent. If it is determined that I do not have a HS
GED or its
equivalent all aid received will be removed and I will become 100% responsible for any bill that will occur.
If my Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) eligibility changes at any time (i.e. Termination, Maxtime, Pace,
and my
classes DO NOT drop, I will still be 100% responsible for my tuition and fees.
If it is determined that I am only eligible for a Federal Direct Loan, I understand I must accept the loan and adhere to all the
requirements in order to receive this type of financial aid
If I choose to apply for the Federal Direct Loan, I must register for and maintain a minimum of the equivalent of 6 credit hours in
my POS to receive my loan.
If I drop below the minimum of 6 equivalent credit
before receiving the l
oan, I accept responsibility for the
payment of
my outstanding student bill.
In order to receive the Federal Direct Loan, I must complete the required Direct Loan entrance counseling,
accept the
loan on
MyMC, submit any additional information requested for the loan, and sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN). It is also
recommended that you attend a Financial Literacy Class. If I fail to complete all of the above requirements, I understand I am
responsible for my outstanding student bill.
In addition to all statements I initialed above, I understand that if I am NOT eligible for financial aid for any reason, I
am 100% responsible for all tuition and fee charges.
Student Signature (must be signed in ink)
Comments if needed: (must sign below)
Staff Signature: Date:
Office of Student Financial Aid
Phone : (240)567-5100
Email: FinancialAid@montgomerycollege.edu
Office use only Code: RESERO / FA RESERV ODD
If I repeat any class for the 3rd time, I previously passed, my financial aid may not pay for my repeated class(es) and may leave
me with a bill for which I am responsible. This includes loans which require 6 equivalent credit hours of non-repeated classes.