Please read all instructions before completing this application for resale:
Instructions to Purchasers Requesting Exemption
1. A Resale Certificate is issued to companies that make no taxable sales in Colorado Springs but which need to
purchase for resale without paying City of Colorado Springs Sales Tax.
2. A Resale Certificate may be issued to any company that holds a current State of Colorado Retailer or Wholesalers
License. The Purchaser must maintain a valid State of Colorado Retailer or Wholesalers License.
3. A Resale Certificate must be signed by a person authorized to sign on behalf of the business requesting this
4. A copy of the Resale Certificate may be given to any Seller from whom legitimate resale purchases are made.
5. For approval, please send this application to The City of Colorado Springs, Sales Tax P.O. Box 1575, Mail Code 225,
Colorado Springs, CO 80901-1575 or to drop off at our physical location City of Colorado Springs, Sales Tax 30
South Nevada Avenue, Suite 203, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. A resale certificate will be mailed to you once
6. Any merchandise purchased that is not used for its intended exempt purpose is subject to the City of Colorado
Springs Use Tax.
7. This Resale Certificate will be revoked for misuse, and responsible persons may be subject to fines and
Instructions to Sellers
1. The Seller may accept a Resale Certificate as authorization to sell resale merchandise to the Purchaser without
charging City of Colorado Springs Sales Tax. If the Seller does not receive a Resale Certificate, the Seller MUST
collect City of Colorado Springs sales tax.
2. The Seller must maintain in its files a Resale Certificate from all customers who claim exemption and do not hold a
valid City of Colorado Springs Sales Tax License.
3. The Seller must exercise care that exempt property is of a type normally resold by the Purchaser in the usual
course of the Purchasers business. The Seller is responsible for collecting City of Colorado Springs Sales Tax
on the sale of all tools, equipment, supplies, etc which are not normally resold by the purchaser. A Seller
failing to exercise due care may be held liable for any sales tax due.
Account Number:
(do not write in boxes)
This application for resale must be approved by the City of Colorado Springs, Sales Tax Office.
It is required to obtain a State of Colorado Retailer and/or Wholesaler license number prior to submission of this
application; you must include a copy along with this application for approval.
Business Name (Purchaser):
Trade Name of Business (DBA):
List your State of Colorado Retailer or Wholesalers License Number:
Contact (First/Last Name):
Contact Email:
Other Phone:
The above named purchaser is a:
MFG of Infused Products (MMJ)
Optional Premise Cultivation (MMJ)
Nature of Business:
General description of property to be purchased for resale exempt purpose(s):
Physical Address (cannot use PO Box):
Mailing Address:
I hereby certify the following:
The information given by me on this resale application is true and complete.
The tangible personal property described herein will be resold in the normal course of business. If such property is
used for other than its resale exempt purpose(s), USE TAX IS DUE and will be paid to the City of Colorado Springs.
I am an owner, partner, member, corporate officer or other person authorized to sign this resale application on
behalf of this business.
Signature of Authorized Person:
Printed Name (First/Last Name):
City of Colorado Springs, Sales Tax Exemption Authorization and Approval for the Director of Finance
Signature By:
Approval Date:
Printed Name:
Rev 1/2020
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