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Reroof Application Check List
Project Address:
Please answer the following questions and submit this with the application
1. Are all the existing materials being removed to the structural deck?
Yes No
2. How many square feet is the existing roof?
How many square are being replaced?
3. What type of roofing system currently exists?
Membrane Other
4. What type of roofing system is proposed?
5. Will the new roofing materials reduce or increase the current dead load?
No Change
6. If loading is to be increased, has a structural engineer been hired to review all allowable loads?
If yes, please attach an Engineer's report
7. Does roof drainage meet the International Building Code section 1611 and the Uniform Plumbing Code?
Yes No
8. Per the IBC table 1505.1, what class designation is the new roof system?
9. Per the IBC 1504.5, does roof edge securement meet wind load requirements of Chapter 16?
10. What overall r-value will the new roof produce?
What roof r-value is existing?
11. Per the IBC sections 2603.4, 2603.4.1 and 2603.4.1.5, will a thermal barrier be required as part of the re-roofing project?
Yes No
12. Will any electrical, plumbing, gas or mechanical items need to be disconnected and reconnected as part of the reroof?
13. Are any electrical, plumbing, gas or mechanical items being replaced or added in conjunction with the reroof?
Yes No
Required Submittal Items
Two copies of each of the following items must be submitted with the application
1. Full written scope of the project submitted to the owner.
2. Shop drawings/section view of the new installation system, including structural components of the existing roof.
3. A listing (name) of each specific manufacture's product being installed.
4. The flame spread documentation for any foam products being installed.
5. The thickness of all products being installed.
6. The fire tested assembly number designation (U.L., Factory Mutual, ICC).
7. Any documentation from a Washington State registered structural engineer.
8. Copy of the manufacture's installation instructions.
9. Core sample results for existing conditions.