Lower Kittitas County District Court
State of Washington
[ ] State of Washington, )
[ ] City of Ellensburg, )
Plaintiff, ) Case #___________________
) Request to Vacate Infraction Judgment &
Set Case for Hearing
________________________________, ) (Clerks Action Required).
Defendant. )
The above-named defendant requests that the court vacate and set aside its finding of
“committed” and set this case for a [ ] mitigation hearing [ ] contested hearing. This request is
based on the following sworn statement.
Sworn Statement
The above named defendant states:
1. [ ] I failed to respond to a notice of infraction within 15 days or [ ] I failed to appear at a
scheduled mitigation or contested infraction hearing.
2. I believe the following facts constitute good cause for failing to respond within 15 days
or failing to appear for a scheduled hearing, and I ask the court to set a hearing date:
I certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Washington that the above statement is true.
______________________________ _____________________________
(Print your name) (Signature)
______________________________ ______/____/______
(Street Address/PO Box) (Date)
City, State, Zip)
The Defendant’s Request to Vacate Infraction Judgment & Set Case for Hearing is:
[ ] Granted, and the clerk is directed set the case for hearing [ ] Denied
__________________________________________ _____/_____/________
Judge/Court Commissioner/Judge Pro Tem
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