Request to Make a Significant Change in a Classroom
Classroom Utilization Advisory Committee
1 Requested by: _______________________________________________ Date:
Box No:
Building: _______________________________________________ Room No: ______________________
2 Identify the space affected by the request (building, room number, other identifying information.)
This form will be completed by any department that wishes to make a significant change to any ETSU classroom and
submitted to the Classroom Utilization Advisory Committee through the Office of Academic Affairs. A “classroom” is
defined as any space owned or controlled by ETSU in which classes are officially scheduled. The term may also include
space that routinely supports instruction and is essential to that instruction, for example, preparation and storage space
for labs. A “significant change” is defined as any action that will:
Change the purpose or function of a classroom, either to make the space something other than a classroom or
to significantly alter the nature, function, or instruction classification of a classroom.
Significantly change the seating capacity of a classroom.
Designate a classroom as “dedicated” for scheduling.
Designate a classroom as “first priority” for scheduling.
Schedule classes in time/day patterns that are non-standard.
In any other way alter the university’s ability to use the space for instruction.
This review process focuses on the feasibility and wisdom of the requested changes in light of the university’s need to
preserve, improve, and make efficient use of limited space for instruction. The Classroom Utilization Advisory
Committee will recommend to the Provost, based solely on this perspective. Approval does not imply any funding or
other logistical support for the proposal.
This form is not required to take a classroom offline temporarily for renovation and repair, as long as the essential
purpose and function of the room is not changed significantly. These projects should be coordinated with Facilities
Management, the Office of the Registrar, and all affected departments and colleges.
3 Describe the nature of the requested change. What has been the recent usage of the space? How will displaced
classes and other activities be accommodated? (Note: The Registrar’s Office will provide data on room usage to the
committee. The department does not need to provide this.)
4 Provide the department’s rationale for the change. What will the benefits be to students, university, etc.?
5 Will the change involve Facilities Management? If so, has the department made preliminary contact with FM about
the change?
6 When will the change be made? (Depending on the current use of the space, at least two semesters of lead time
may be required.) Will the change be temporary or permanent? If temporary, what will be the ending date?
7 Which other units will be affected by this change? Provide the details of your contact with those units and their
written responses regarding your proposal.
8 Approvals: Signature Date
Chair ___________________________________________________________________________________________
Dean ___________________________________________________________________________________________
(Requestor to obtain above signatures and then send this form to: Office of the Registrar, PO Box 70561, Johnson City, TN 37614.)
9 Recommendation of Approved Not Approved
Classroom Utilization Committee ____________________________________________________________________
10 Provost’s Action: