Request to Cash Out Annual Leave
Employee’s Annual Leave Balance Prior to Cash Out as Conrmed by Finance:
Annual Leave to Be Cashed Out: Hours
Process Date:
Check Date:
Employee Requesting Cash Out:
Payroll Manager Signature
6406 Marine Drive, Tulalip, WA 98271
Warrant Number:
Manager or Supervisor of Employee Requesting Cash Out
The hours requested will be paid at employee’s rate of pay at time of request (net of all applicable payroll taxes).
Employee Signature
Employees may now cash out their annual leave at any point in the year. Cash outs will be
available via direct deposit on Friday. Cash out forms must be delivered to the Cashiers
window by noon on Wednesday of the week the employee is cashing out. Per the
Employee Handbook, Tulalip requires that an employee leave one week of annual leave in
their personal leave balance when cashing out annual leave.
TDS-21014 (12/2016)
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