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Request to Add a Program to Current Graduate Program
School of Graduate Studies and Research
310 Scotland Road, Suite 140 Butterfield Hall
Edinboro, Pennsylvania 16444
814-732-2856 or 1-888-845-2890
Name: _______________________________________ Banner # @_________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________
Street City State Zip
Phone: ______________________________ Email: _____________________________
CURRENT PROGRAM: ___________________________________________________
Concentration (if applicable): _______________________________________________
Name of your advisor:
PROGRAM YOU WISH TO ADD: ___________________________________
Concentration (if applicable): _______________________________________________
Semester/Session in which you wish to add program :____________, 20___.
Signature of Applicant Date
Approval of all changes must be made by the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
and by your department head. The Graduate Office will send a letter of notification
regarding approval or disapproval to you.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Graduate Office.
Please Note: Changes made to programs of study may require additional application
materials in order to be accepted into a different program. For example, letters of
reference, resume, statement of purpose, etc. may be required by the department.
Information regarding admission requirements may be accessed at EUP’s website
(http://www.edinboro.edu/cwis/acaff/gradstudy/index.htm) or in the Graduate Office.