Kittitas County Misdemeanant Probation
Request for Administrative Records
Pursuant to GR 31.1
Requestor Information:
Printed Name: ______________________________________________________________________
Last First MI
Address: __________________________________________________________________________
Street City State Zip Code
Telephone: ( ) _________________ ( ) ____________ FAX: ( ) _______________________
E-mail Address: __________________________________________________________________
Signature: ________________________________________________________________________
Description of Requested Record(s). It is important to be as specific as possible as to name,
location, date, and type of record requested. Please use additional sheets as necessary.
[ ] This is a request to inspect the records identified above.
[ ] This is a request for copies of the records identified above.
[ ] Other:
Explain please______________________________________________________________________
(1) The Public Records Officer will make an initial response within five (5) working days from receipt of
this administrative records request.
(2) The policy, procedures, and fee structure for providing records can be found on the court’s webpage
at If you would like a printed copy of the
procedures, please contact the public records officer using the information noted below. The process
for appealing the decisions of the Public Records Officer regarding exemptions, redaction and
identification of the records can be found within General Rule 31.1. This general rule may be found on
the Washington Courts’ website at
(3) Please note that this request is subject to the Court rules provided, and not the Public Records Act,
RCW 42.56.
Public Records Officer:
Patrick Gigstead, Chief Probation Officer, Kittitas County Misdemeanant Probation
507 N Nanum Street, Suite #8
Ellensburg, WA 98926
Phone: 509.962.7646
Fax: 509.962.7097
Request Received: _____________________________ at ______________ AM/PM
By: __________________________________________________________________________