Bowie State University
Employee Name Date Requested
Department/Office Employee ID #
has requested that annual personal compensatory leave be
granted for the following:
Day (s) Date (s) Number of Hours
My accumulated annual personal compensatory leave balance
as of the first day of leave requested is hours.
Employee’s Signature Supervisor’s Signature
Approval Disapproval
Reason for Disapproval
Note: Under normal circumstances a request for one day of leave should be made at
least one day in advance.
Request for two days leave should be made at least three days in advance.
Request for more than two days leave should be made at least one week prior
Supervisors must respond in a timely manner.
Employees are required to notify their immediate supervisor when an absence
is necessary. Such notification should be given within fifteen minutes of the
beginning of your shift or fifteen minutes of your intended use of such leave.
BF/P-11 – 1/4/05