Access No.
Account No.
Transfer Amount
Name of Payee’s Financial Institution
Address: City State
Name of Primary Correspondent Bank ABA Number
Intermediary Financial Institution ID Type (BIC) ID Number
Address City State/Province Postal Code
Name: First MI Last Suffix
Account Number
Date (MM/DD/YY)
Employee Initials Employee Number Date (MM/DD/YY)
OPF No. Member ID
Name: First MI Last Suffix
Payee Address: Street City State Zip Code
Country Purpose of Payment Payee Account Number
Remarks (additional wiring instructions)
Requester’s Signature (if applicable) Date (MM/DD/YY)
*This is the account that the funds will be withdrawn from.
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Navy Federal
Request for a Domestic Wire Transfer
For Ofce Use Only
Funds are generally received at the other nancial institution within one to two business
days. Additional fees may be assessed by the receiving nancial institution.
Please note:
Navy Federal cannot guarantee cancellation once the wire has been processed. Navy Federal will submit a reversal request to the payee’s
nancial institution and make every attempt to retrieve the funds; however, there is no guarantee that the funds will be returned. Once
received by the payee and/or payee’s nancial institution, the reversal of the wire is at the discretion of the payee’s nancial institution.
Navy Federal cannot guarantee the response time of the payee’s nancial institution, and fees may be assessed by other nancial institutions
if the reversal request is successful.
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B. Payment Type Information
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Requester Information
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C. Financial Institution Information
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