Office of Undergraduate Education
College of Letters and Science
University of California, Santa Barbara
QTR _____ ADV _____ LI _____ LO _____ GE WR
Request for a Course to Count for
University and General Education Requirements
Please attach supporting documentation (course description, syllabus, etc.) for review. Request for course to count for Area
A or GE Writing must also include a copy of the paper(s). The results of your petition will be sent to your U-mail address.
Name_______________________________________________________ Perm # _____________________
Last First MI Phone #_____________________
Alternative email (if U-mail not available)_________________________
Major(s)___________________________________ Expected Date of Graduation (QTR/YR) _______________
Term Completed (please use the UCSB term for which the course was recorded) QTR/YR____________
______________________________________________ ____________________________________
Course Department and Number (as it appears on your GOLD) Course Title (as it appears on your GOLD)
___________________________________________________ ________________________________________
College or University (where course was taken) City and Country (if done abroad)
Apply Course to the following area(s).
__Area A: English Reading and Composition __American History and Institutions
__Area B: Foreign Language __Writing
(UC and UC EAP courses only)
__Area C: Science, Mathematics, and Technology __Quantitative Relationships
__Area D: Social Sciences __Ethnicity
__Area E: Culture and Thought __World Culture
__Area F: Arts __European Traditions
__Area G: Literature __Entry Level Writing
For College office use only
L&S Staff Member__________________________________
Writing Program (if necessary): ______________________________
____Approve _____Deny
Date Processed____________
1. Only courses that appear on a student’s record in GOLD may be requested. Go to “Progress,” then “Major & GE
Progress Checks,” and then “Course History” in GOLD to see if a transfer course has been added to your UCSB
2. Courses from other institutions will not appear in Gold until they have been completed and have been evaluated
for transfer by the Office of Admissions. Transcripts from other institutions should be sent to the Office of
Admissions. Most courses from California Community Colleges have been “articulated”evaluated for transfer
and for applicability to GE requirements and do not need to be petitioned: see
for details.
3. Supporting material—students should, at the very least, include course descriptions and a syllabus with their
petitions. Descriptions of assignments as well as completed assignments and exams could also aid the College’s
evaluation of a course.
4. Because the UCSB Faculty Senate reviews UCSB courses as to whether they apply toward requirements, UCSB
courses may not be requested for a GE requirement with two exceptions:
A student may petition UCSB courses that have not already been approved by the Senate for Special
Subject Writing—see the GE Writing Requirement Instructions
for details. No more than two courses may
be applied by request for Special Subject Writing.
If a student completes a course and the course is subsequently approved for a requirement by the Senate
within the next year, the student may request that the course be applied to the requirement as long as it
is demonstrated that the content of the course was the same prior to Senate approval.