Check if needed:
Electronic Podium* (Computer Projection)
Digital Piano
BBQ Grill (Fire permit required)
Keyword: “Fire permit” on Stockton homepage
Stockton EMS (Emergency Medical Services)
Request for Use of University Facilities for Student Sponsored Events
Office of Event Services and Campus Center Operations, CC Suite 241
(609) 652-4878 /
Student organizations must submit completed forms to the Student Development Resource Room for review and approval.
Contact Information Today’s Date:______________________________________
Organization/Office:_________________________________ Name of Requestor:_________________________________
Phone:_________________ Cell:__________________ E-Mail:_______________________________________
Event Information When checking room availability, remember, transition time may be needed for back to back events.
Title of Event:______________________________________________________________________________________________
Event Format/Purpose:_______________________________________________________________________________________
Date of Event:______________________ Day of the Week:____________________
Event Start Time: _____am _____pm Event End Time: _____am _____pm Group Setup time____________
Space Requested:_____________________________________ DJ/Sound Company Contracted by group: Yes_____ No______
Estimated Attendance: ______________ Open to: Members_______ SU Community_______ Outside Community_______
Charging Admission Fee? Yes____ No____ Fee:_______________ Ticket sales prior to event or at the door? Prior____ At _____
(Keyword: Student Event Ticketing on the Stockton homepage for application. NOTE: PAC Events may require PAC ticketing/Box Office services and/or fees.)
Are non-Stockton student minors (under age of 18) invited to participate in or work this event? Yes ______ No ______
Room Setup/Layout
____SETUP NEEDED / MUST HAVE DIAGRAM___________________________
#Registration tables (2 chairs per table):_____ #Food/buffet tables:_____
#Tables for guests:_____ #Chairs:_____ #Food prep tables:_____
Chartwells is the college’s approved and contracted food provider.
Contact Chartwells to discuss options and menus at (609) 652-4772.
Sound/Computer Needs:_______________________________________________________
Reservation Agreement Signature required
Student Organizations must comply with the responsibilities outlined in the Student Manual for Organizations. Approval is based on
availability of space, staff, and the requested equipment. Allow two weeks for review/processing.
Student Development Director
Name of Advisor On-Site for Event
Additional Dates and/or Information
StuDev Advisor
Official Use Only - Scheduler Comments