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Both parents/guardians MUST sign this or an identical request form, in order for it to be processed by OSTA. Signatures
indicate parent’s/guardian’s acknowledgement and compliance with Policy and Procedure T22 Transportation for Students
in a Joint Custody Arrangements and Having Two Homes.
Outline the requested transportation arrangements for your student(s) in the space provided below (attach additional
pages, if necessary):
Factors which should be considered by the parents/guardians and will be considered by OSTA and/or the school include: age, maturity of
child, accompaniment by siblings/buddy, distance from first or second address to bus stop locations, ability for student to navigate to
first or second address in the event of an emergency, environmental surroundings (urban or rural), potential assistance from
parent/guardian or other caregivers at the bus stop, frequency or complexity of schedule.
To ensure the student’s safety, schedules must be consistent 5 days per week, and must not have more than 4 transitions
from one address to another in a two-week period.
OSTA may contact the parents/guardians and/or school Principal to seek more information if required, to properly assess
the request. Please complete the Joint Custody Transportation Schedule (Calendar), which should accompany this form. If
approved, this form and calendar will be provided to the school and the bus company(ies) providing the service.
Please submit to your school’s zone email account.
Notice of Collection: Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (“OSTA”) acts on behalf of your school board and contracts
transportation service providers to arrange transportation to and from school for eligible students. The personal information you provide
on this form will be shared with the relevant staff of OSTA, school board and transportation provider for the purpose of providing
appropriate and safe transportation. The information collected is treated as described in our privacy policy and in accordance with
applicable laws.
Request for Transportation to Two Homes
for Students in a Joint Custody
2020-2021 School Year Form TRA-T22A
Jane Doe
Jane Dear
John Doe
15 Mills Cresent
3452 Star Avenue
Janie will take the bus from mom's house at 15 Mills Crescent for the first week of the
schedule. Every Friday, Janie switches between her mom's and dad's. On the second
week, she will take the bus from dad's house at 3452 Star Avenue. The schedule
switches every other week.
Janie is a good student and knows how to get to her two homes. We don't anticipate any
problems managing this schedule. Sometimes Janie's maternal grandmother will pick
her up from the school, but we'll let the school know if /when that happens.
Janie does not have any special needs or disabilities.