Directions: Please complete the Personal Information” portion of this form and submit it with a copy of your transcripts from
EACH college/university attended. Be sure to include the NAME of institution if not noted on transcript. Even if all courses are
listed on one transcript, we still require a copy of your transcript from EACH college/university attended.
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This service is a preliminary evaluation to determine course equivalencies for County of Hawaii Fire Fighter Recruit applicants.
Please note that this unofficial evaluation is subject to final approval by the Registrar and is only intended as a guideline for the
County of Hawaii. For an official transcript evaluation, students must complete a Transcript Evaluation Request Form and have
their official transcripts sent directly to the Kekaulike Information and Service Center.
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use only)
EMS Prerequisite
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ENG 100 Composition I (3)
HLTH 125 Survey of Medical
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Application Summary: For office use only
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Rev. 2/2/15
Emergency Medical Service
Kapi`olani C
ommunity College
Request for Transcript Evaluation for County of Hawaii Fire Fighter Recruit
Return your request via fax to:
The Emergency Medical Services D
epartment, Kapi‘olani Community College
Fax: 808-734-9126