Request for Temporary Use of Park and Conditions of Use for Event
Please provide complete information and submit request at least 30 days before the date of the event to provide ample time
for staff review.
Organization/ Name of Event
Contact Person:
Name Email Address
City, State & Zip Code
Location: Other Impacted Area(s):
Name of Park
Date of Event:
Time: include setup and take down time
Type of event, purpose and description of event (Please provide as much detail as possible about the event):
Approximate n
umber of participants/spectators:
Does the even
t have a site plan?
Yes No
Will event have vendors selling on park grounds?
(Food vendors must have a food handler's license and applicant must make arrangements with Health Department for inspection.)
If this is a fundraiser, do you estimate proceeds over $500.00? Yes / No
Charitable Solicitation Permit No. (El Paso Municipal Code Chapter 5.24.140):
"Non-Profit" includes any registered person, group or organization recognized as a non-profit organization recognized under the laws of the
State of Texas, or who has been given tax exempt status under section 501(c) (3) of the United States Internal Revenue Service, or both.
Pet Event? Yes or No ________Explain:____________________________________
Training Equipment? Yes / No ________
Must comply with El Paso Municipal Code Title 7
Electrity will not be provided for the exception of San Jacinto Plaza stage and Memorial Reserve
Is amplification being used for the purpose of advertising, music, announcements, services, or entertainment?
Yes No Please Explain:______________________________________________________
List type, number, capacity (voltage) of items listed:
(Prohibited amplification areas include San Jacinto Plaza other than the stage).
Voltage or Amps
Yes No Number of General Vendors Number of food vendors
NOTICE: The permittee shall comply with all permit requirements and conditions and with all applicable
law and ordinances, including but not limited to the City's noise Ordinance, Chapter 9.40 of this code. No
amplification permits will be granted between the hours of 10:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. that are within residential
real property or at an institution, business or facility with sleeping facilities. Prohibited areas include San
Jacinto Plaza (other than on stage).
Release: In consideration of the permit for use of park and other conditions of use, it is understood that the
applicant(s) contained herein do hereby release and discharge the City, and its respective officers, directors,
agents, and employees, jointly and severally, from any and all liability for illness, injuries and damages that
may be suffered which arise out of or result from participation in this event. I understand Parks and
Recreation will not be responsible for any lost, damaged or missing equipment.
Signature of Applicant
Please Note: If the event is designed to be held by or for any person other than the Applicant, the Applicant
shall attach a written communication from the person authorizing the Applicant to request use of the park.
*Vendors that have met Liability Insurance Requirements:
EPS Game Doctor - 915-861-2918
Las Vegas Party Rentals- 915-667-0648
L & L Tent & Party Rentals - 915-525-0224
Ninja Jump - 915-544-5568
InterXtreme - 915-433-0098
Rolling Video - 915-240-8206
Sarabia's Portable Jons- 915-544-9022
Sun City Party Rentals- 915-252-2998
Tents Qty:_____ Size: ___________ Tent Vendor
Grills Qty:_____ Propane _______ Charcoal _______
Chairs Qty:_________ Vendor if applicable
Tables Qty:________ Vendor if applicable
Open to the Public Entrance Fee $
Food to the Public Explain:____________________________________________________
Portable Restrooms Qty:_________ Vendor:
Asking permission to stake into the
Jumping Balloons* Qty:_____ Vendor:
Other: Obstacle course bungee, rock
climb, mechanical rides, etc.
Qty: Vendor:
Other Entertainment: Face painting,
clowns, Bands, Dance Group
Qty:_______ Type__________________________________________
Entertainment, non-profit or for profit?
Distributed Flyers Explain
Non-Profit/ Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) Form Required with application. X_______Initial
Will news Media be Present Explain:____________________________________________________
Will event have signs at the Park Explain:____________________________________________________
Special Requests Explain:
Is Electricty needed
(Only San Jacinto Plaza Location)
* Special Requirements, approvals and additional fees apply*
Will event have filming to promote a
business or service
Clean up plan for setup, during and after the event:
Please complete the below checklist in its entirety.
(Specify quantity. If an item does not apply to your event, check the box labeled N/A)
Informational Booths
Electricity is not provided, unless event is held at Memorial Reserve or San Jacinto Plaza Stage.
Water is not provided.
Portable restrooms are not provided; permanent restrooms are available at Memorial Reserve.
Placing of stakes into the ground requires written permission from Parks Administration.
Parks close 10:00 p.m. - 6:00 a.m. October 1- April 30, Parks close 11:00 p.m. - 6:00 a.m. May 1 - September 30
Downtown Plazas Closed from 1:00 a.m. - 6:00 a.m.
All rentals at Memorial Reserve will require security through parks.
No vehicles will be driven or allowed onto park grass areas.
No restriction for the use of parking lots, streets, and abutting park is not included
in reservation and must be shared.
Littering and dumping of waste prohibited. (Ordinance 9.04.340A).
Glass beverage containers prohibited. (Ordinance 13.24.190)
Alcoholic beverages are prohibited; unless event is held in Memorial Reserve
(One security guard is required for every 100 persons).
Illegal to mark, damage, or destroy city property.
Use of any projectile is prohibited.
Remove pet droppings, use a leash.
No horses permitted on park grounds.
No amusement devices or jumping balloons without written permission on permit.
Permit required for sale of goods or services.
Hanging items or decorations on trees or park amenities/ structures is not allowed.
Permit required for amplified sound.
Any generator must be placed on a hard surface.
Signature of Applicant
Park Information and Rules
Cleaning is required during setup, during the event and after the event. Clean up plan is required.