Vehicle Services Bureau
Request for
State Assigned VIN
VIN Tag Fee - $5.15
Additional $20.09 for TRP if needed.
Fees include 3% administration fee per MCA 61-3-111
Fees and taxes may be due upon registration.
Office Use Only
This application must be accompanied by the Montana Title (or Application for Montana Title)
and a Statement of Inspection (Level 1) for the vehicle described below.
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Holes will need to be drilled by the applicant to finalize the inspection. A
hammer, cordless drill and 1/8 inch drill bit will need to be taken to the local driver license station
once you receive the identification tag and rivets. If a cordless drill and drill bit are not available, a
return trip must be made to finalize the inspection.
(Printed Name)
residing at
(Street Address, City, State, Zip Code)
certify that I am/we are the person(s) named on this form as applicant(s) for an identification number assigned by the State
of Montana for the vehicle described below because (check one):
Number was altered Number was removed Cannot locate number Vehicle is homemade
State why the identification number was altered or removed:
Make of vehicle: Style of body:
Original identification number:
Title number: License plate or decal number:
Under penalty of law (MCA 45-7-203), I certify that the statements made and information contained on this form are true and
correct to the best of my knowledge, information, and belief; I am the person named on this form; and, if signing for a
business entity or trust, I have full authority to do so.
Driver License #:
(This is my legal signature)
Applicant Signature:
Printed Name:
Email Address:
MV10B (1/18)
Montana county and state authorities reserve the right to reject any form that has been altered. This form is available in alternate formats for people with disabilities.
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