Request for Special Meals
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Name of Requester Department Name
__________________________ __________________________
Title of Requester Department FAX #
__________________________ Charge to Budget Unit# ___________
Email of Requester
Will be paid with P-Card? Yes No
Date of Event: __________________
Purpose of the special meal: ______________________________________________________
Provide justification for the necessity and appropriateness of the meal:
Provide detailed breakdown of all expenses:
Provide a list of all persons for whom the meal is being requested: (attach additional sheet if necessary)
Name Title
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*All special meals must be coded to account #540242.
I certify that the special meal provided is in accordance with the “Guidelines for Special
Meal Reimbursement” and PPM 49, Louisiana Travel Guide.
Signature of Requester/Responsible Party Date of Request
Budget Unit Head /Date Dean (if applicable) /Date
Provost/Vice President /Date