Request for Space in the Education Building
Please email this completed form to Misty Cayton /
Event Date:
Event Name:
Event Type:
Event Start Time: Event End Time:
Set-up Time: Clean-up Time:
*NOTE: For Events using Aramark campus catering service, please allow a minimum of one hour of both
set-up and clean-up time.
Attendance #:
Contact Person:
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Room Requested:
Will food be served?
*NOTE: NO food or drink permitted in the classrooms. Food and drinks are permitted in EB 162.
Additional Information (Please provide any extra information regarding your request that will assist in
the approval process):
Please note:
quipment Needs: The group is responsible for contacting Robb Mann in TAC to arrange for
instruction on use of the AV equipment. All persons must be trained prior to using the
equipment in the rooms. The WCE does not provide AV technical assistance.
NO events in the atrium during the time classes are in session.
The group is responsible for set-up and tear-down of the room. All rooms are to be restored to
the original configuration prior to leaving. The WCE does not have a set up crew.
Please do not tape posters, signs, etc. to any painted or wood surface.