Created: 10/26/2006
Revised: 09/30/2019
Request for Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grade
Please read the conditions under which the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory policy operates (reversed side of this form). Students may take a
maximum of one Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory course each semester and one each summer.
Student ID: @_________________________________ Phone: _________________________________________
Name: Last _______________________________________________ First __________________________________ M.I. _____
Session: (Check One)
Fall 20____ Wintersession 20____ Spring 20____ Summer 20____ Session _____
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CRN Course Number Section Number Course Name
_______________________________________________ ___________
Name of Instructor Credit Hours
To date, I have taken the following course(s) at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in which I elected the
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade option:
Course Number Section Number Course Name
_____________ _____________ ________________________________________________
_____________ _____________ ________________________________________________
_____________ _____________ ________________________________________________
_____________ _____________ ________________________________________________
I have examined the eligibility of the student to take this Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory course and I approve this application.
__________________________________________________________ ___________________
Advisor’s Signature Date
__________________________________________________________ ___________________
Department Chairperson’s Signature (Student’s Major) Date
__________________________________________________________ ___________________
Dean’s Signature (Student’s Major) Date
I certify that all the above information is correct, and I agree to accept a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade for the above named
course in accordance with the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory policy. (See back of form for policy).
Student Signature: ________________________________________________________________ Date: ______________
Mail or Fax Completed Form to: Office of Records and Registration, Edinboro University, Hamilton Hall, 210 Glasgow
Rd, Edinboro, PA 16444, Fax: 814.732.2130, Phone: 814.732.3501
Created: 10/26/2006
Revised: 09/30/2019
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Policy
(Approved by the University Senate May 6, 1983)
1. The Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option will be open to any undergraduate student who is in good academic
standing and has more than thirty-one (31) earned semester hours.
2. A student wishing to exercise the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option must do so during the “ADD” period of
registration, as established each semester by the University, or during the first two days of each summer session.
3. The student will receive a final letter grade of S (satisfactory) for C or better work or U (unsatisfactory) for D or
D level work for a course taken under the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory standard where dual grading systems exist.
4. A satisfactory grade will count toward graduation, but will not affect the student’s quality point average. An
unsatisfactory grade will not count toward graduation and will not affect the student’s quality point average.
5. Departments may, with the appropriate committee and University Senate approval, offer courses that are graded
entirely according to the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory standard. All other courses are optional
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory courses in which students will receive grades according to the standard for which they
are registered.
6. Student Teaching will be graded on a letter grade basis unless the student elects during the “ADD” period to
receive the S/U grade. Failure to request the S/U grade will result in letter grading.
7. Students may take no more than four Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory course totaling no more than 15 semester hours.
Courses offered solely on the S/U basis are exempted from this limit, as is Student Teaching, if the student teacher
8. No Student will be permitted to use the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option for any course that is required for his or
her major, unless the course has been approved for grading on the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis, as established
in item 5 above. In this case, a required course graded on Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis will not be counted
against the limits established in item 7 above.
9. In courses with some students on the traditional grading system and others electing the course as
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, the instructor will not know which students are taking the course
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. The traditional final grade for the course will be recorded and submitted by the
instructor to the Office of Records and Registration. It will be the duty of the Office of Records and Registration
to convert the traditional grade to either S or U for the student’s record.
10. Only those courses which are offered solely on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis may be repeated under the
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option.
Students who elect a course or courses under the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option and who then transfer to a major for
which the course is required, may be allowed to transfer Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory course for credit. Such transfer will be at
the discretion of the Dean having jurisdiction over the department into which they are transferring and after consultation with
the appropriate department chairperson.