Request for Permission to Complete a Thesis Outside Your Major
In some circumstances, it may be appropriate for a student to choose a thesis advisor who is not
affiliated with the student’s major program of study. Students who wish to write a thesis outside
of their major area of study must explain their request and provide an indication of support from
their proposed thesis adviser.
The Honors College will communicate the decision to you and your proposed adviser.
Student Name __________________________________ Student email __________________
Student Major _____________________________________ Student ID _________________
HON 300 Instructor ____________________________________________________________
Proposed Thesis Adviser ________________________________________________________
Adviser’s Program (e.g. English, Physics) __________________________________________
Adviser’s School (e.g. School of Humanities, School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)
In the space below, write a rationale (250-400 words) explaining why you wish to complete a
thesis outside your major area of study.
Explanation for Request
After filling out the fields on the previous page, save your document, attach it to an email to your
proposed thesis adviser and ask her/him to write a brief endorsement (250 words) of your
request; the endorsement should address your level of preparedness to undertake research in
another discipline and indicate his/her willingness to advise the project. Your proposed adviser
will sign the form electronically and email it to Ellen.Weinauer@usm.edu.
Proposed Adviser’s Endorsement
Proposed Adviser's Signature ____________________________________________________
Request Status: Approved [ ] Denied [ ]
Honors College Dean’s Signature _________________________________________________