Request for Ocial Transcripts
Cost of Parchment Replacement: $50 and will be processed and mailed within 15 business days from receipt of the request.
Program Name: ________________________________________________________________Graduation/Completion year ______
Program Name:
1 copy 2 copies
Mail to home address – sent within 5 business days
Rush Transcript Order- $20 Rush Transcript Fee will be assessed. Transcripts will be available the next business day after 2:00pm.
Pick-up in Person (only available for rush requests only)
Mail to institution or organization (e.g. University, licensing board, employer,etc.) - sent within 5 business days
Name of Destination: _________________________________________________________________________________________
Street Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________
City/Town: _________________________________________ Province: _________________________________________________
Postal Code ________________________________________ Phone: __________________________________________________
Please select if you require us to send transcripts after the end of the term or after Graduating/Completing your program of study.
Entry of all marks Graduation/Completion of program
Student ID: ________________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________________________________________
Last Name: ________________________________________ First Name: _______________________________________________
Current Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Former(s): __________________________________________________________________________________________________
City/Town: _________________________________________ Province: _________________________________________________
Postal Code ________________________________________ Phone: __________________________________________________
Student Signature: __________________________________________________________ Date: ____________________________
Processed by: ______________________________________________ Date Received: ___________________
White copy – Office of the Registrar; Yellow Copy – Student
Consent Regarding My Personal Information
The personal information collected on this form or in conjunction with this form is collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
(Alberta) and the Post-secondary Learning Act (Alberta). This personal information is required to administer my enrolment in courses at Bow Valley College (the “College”).
For more information regarding the collection or use of your personal information, contact the Office of the Registrar at 345-6th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2G 4V1. Phone
403-410-1400 or toll-free in Alberta 1-866-428-2669. I hereby consent to the collection and disclosure of my personal information as described above.
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Important Transcript Information for Students
How do I request a copy of my ocial transcripts?
You can request an official transcript by completing the Request for Official Transcripts:
What is an Ocial or Unocial Transcript?
1. What is an Ocial Transcript?
An official transcript is the colleges certified statement of your academic record. The official paper transcript is printed on security
paper and contains the college seal and signature of the College Registrar. It includes all courses taken, grades received, and all
credentials that may have been earned at the college.
2. Unocial transcript?
An unoffical transcript is an unoffical copy of your academic history at the college. It can be printed off directly from your
MyBVC account.
How long does it take for me to get my transcripts if I am graduating?
If you are graduating from your program, the normal 48 hour processing time does not apply. It may take up to 4-6 weeks* from your
course end date in your program to finalize your graduation request. This is the same for all students, both domestic and international.
The time period in which you request your transcripts is extremely important. If you request transcripts in the middle of the semester,
your grades for that course will not be reported and the grades on your transcript will only say in progress. Your grades will only appear
at the end of the term when your final grades have been entered. Final grades are entered 5-7 business days after the end date of
each course.
Is there any reason why the College would not release my transcripts?
Please note that if you have any outstanding fees to the College you will not be able to request any official documents.
You will need to clear up your outstanding student account before they will be issued. Please contact the Office of the Registrar at
403-410-1400 if you have any questions about your student account.
Is there any reason I wouldn’t receive my transcripts?
If your contact information (including address), date of birth, or other relevant information in your student file is incorrect, there may be
a delay in releasing your transcripts. Please contact or visit the Office of the Registrar if you believe the
information in your student file may be incorrect.
What if I have any questions?
If you have any questions about your official student record, please email
* Timelines for releasing transcripts will be shorter for Practical Nurse Diploma program graduates applying to the CLPNA
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