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Request for New Digital Instructional Resource
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cking this box, I confirm that I have investigated and determined that no previously approved digital
instructional resource will meet my needs.
Identify specific population to use resource (e.g., teachers, 5th graders, all school students, ESE students, etc.).
Specify purpose/rationale for use. If used with students, include subject and one relevant FL Standards code.
Specify the URL for the web service or the downloadable. If not included request may be delayed or denied.
Detail the type of support the school will provide or will purchase and/or expects the district to provide.
If student information needs to be shared with the vendor or imported into an installed program, list the requested data
fields. (Ask vendor.)
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1. Talk with site
administrator about product/service, first.
2. Save to PC, fill, and email form to Tech Contact.
3. Tech Contact save to PC, type name if you approve, save and email form to site administrator.
4. Site administrator call and discuss with grade-level director, save to PC, type name if you approve, save
and email form to Eric Englert for processing.
SR900701 RVSD 01/2019
Do not fill out in a browser; your work will not be saved. Download this and fill it out with Acrobat Reader.
Should be completed by staff member requesting new resource. Submission does not guarantee approval.
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