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Request for Estimate of Retirement
TRS18 (09-16)
TRS Participant ID
Street Address or Box Number City State Zip Code
Phone Number Date of Birth
Proposed retirement date(s)
(a) (b)
(For additional estimates, please visit MyTRS on the TRS website)
Are you retiring due to a permanent disability? Yes No
Whom do you plan to name as beneficiary at retirement?
Beneficiary's relationship
Beneficiary's date of birth
Beneficiary’s Gender Male Female
Is the beneficiary a TRS member? Yes No
If "yes", please provide the planned beneficiary's Social Security number.
Are you currently working for a TRS-covered employer? Yes No
What was/is the title of the position you most recently held?
Do you have any unpaid service credit that you wish to purchase? (Check all that apply)
Previously Withdrawn TRS Service
Unreported Service and/or Compensation
Substitute Service (requires at least 90 days of substitute service in a school year)
Out-of-State Service
Developmental Leave Service
Military, including USERRA Service
Membership Waiting Period Service
Work Experience by a Career or Technology Teacher Service
State Sick and/or Personal Leave Service (requires 50 days or more, or 400 hours or more of accumulated state sick
and/or personal leave)
Have you ever contributed to any of the following Texas public retirement systems? (Check all that apply)
Employees Retirement System of Texas Judicial Retirement System of Texas
Texas County and District Retirement System Texas Municipal Retirement System
City of Austin Employees’ Retirement System Austin Police Retirement System
El Paso Firemen and Policemen’s Pension Fund El Paso Employees’ Pension Fund
I understand that this is not an official application for retirement nor an official designation of beneficiary. To designate or
change your beneficiary, you must complete the appropriate form and TRS must receive the designation before your
Signature __________________________________________ Date ________________
The completed form must be printed and
then mailed or faxed to TRS for
processing. Be sure to sign the form.
1000 Red River Street
Austin, TX 78701-2698
(800) 223-8778
Teacher Retirement System of Texas Page 1 of 1
Information Sheet for Request for
Estimate of Retirement Benefits
TRS18IN (09-16)
Request for Estimate of Retirement Benefits
Use this form to request information for retirement. If you request a retirement date within 12 months of your request, you will receive
a retirement packet; for a request for a retirement date outside of 12 months, you will receive a retirement estimate only. A retirement
estimate will show you the estimated benefits that you will receive. A retirement packet will include a retirement estimate and all of
the forms necessary to apply for retirement from TRS.
You may expect to receive the requested information, mailed to your address of record, within approximately four weeks.
Need additional retirement estimates? Please visit MyTRS
MyTRS is the secure online access portion of the TRS website and is available to eligible TRS members and annuitants. You can use
MyTRS to help plan for retirement, keep track of your personal account and receive information on purchasing service credit, as well
as access important announcements and other communications from TRS. By using the "Retirement Calculator" through MyTRS, you
can instantly receive retirement estimates with your information already on file.
Important information regarding membership in other Texas public retirement systems
TRS/ERS Service Transfer
A TRS member with at least three years of service with TRS may transfer any service credit with the Employees
Retirement System of Texas (ERS) to TRS and retire from TRS based on the total amount of service credit.
An ERS member with at least three years of service with ERS may transfer any TRS service credit to ERS and retire
from ERS based on the total amount of service credit.
Transfer of service credit happens at the time of retirement.
Transferred service credit will be used to determine eligibility for retirement and the amount of your monthly retirement
If you have withdrawn ERS service credit, you may be eligible to purchase this service credit and transfer it to TRS. To
inquire about ERS withdrawn service credit, contact ERS at (877) 275-4377.
If you indicate that you have ERS service credit on this form, TRS will supply you with the necessary form to transfer
your ERS service credit to TRS.
Proportionate Retirement Program
Allows you to combine service credit from two or more retirement systems to help meet retirement eligibility
You must meet retirement eligibility in each of the other systems in order to use the combined service credit toward TRS
retirement eligibility.
While all combined service credit will be considered to determine eligibility for TRS service retirement benefits, the
calculation of any TRS retirement benefit amount is based solely on TRS service credit and salaries.
If you retire from more than one retirement system, you will receive a separate benefit from each retirement system
based on the service credit with that system.
You may be eligible to reinstate previously withdrawn service credit in one of the participating retirement systems.
You must contact the retirement system in which you were previously a member to determine the process for reinstating
any withdrawn service credit.
Proportionate retirement only applies if a member is not eligible for service retirement under TRS and the combined
service makes the member eligible, OR if a member is currently eligible for a REDUCED service retirement benefit and
the combined service makes the member eligible for an unreduced benefit.
Eligibility for TRS-Care health care benefits is based solely on TRS service credit.