Request for Credit Overload
MSU Billings Office of Graduate Studies
Overload of credits: Any graduate student not on probation may register for up to 12 Graduate credits per
semester. Students who wish to register for a credit load in excess of 12 Graduate credits must have the approval
of their Advisor. The maximum credits approved for overload shall not exceed 15 Graduate Credits. The
student must complete a request for credit overload form and return the completed form to the Graduate Studies
office completely filled out. Students requesting overload for fall must submit the form prior to the end of spring
semester or risk the graduate committee not being available.
________________________________ ________________________________ __________________
Last Name First Name ID #
_______________________________________________________ ___________________
Program Cumulative GPA
I request permission to register for ___________total Graduate credits for ___________________ ___________
Semester Date
Please attach a copy of the courses you are currently registered for. Students may not take more than a maximum
of 15 graduate credits.
Reason for additional Graduate credits _____________________________________________________________
________________________________________________ _____________
Student Date
__________________________________________________________ ________________
Advisor Date
__________________________________________________________ ________________
Director of Graduate Studies Date
For Office Use Only:
Date Received: ___________________________________ Date Entered:____________________________
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