Request for Course Evaluation of External Transcripts
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, by fax to 909-652-6477 or in person to the Counseling Department)
Veteran’s Education Benefits pending, ALL TRANSCRIPTS REQUIRED (submit form to VA certifying official for priority processing)
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Please read and initial that you understand the following regarding this evaluation request:
____ All external transcripts listed above have been submitted to the Admissions & Records Office.
Any transcript not received at the time of submission will not be included in this evaluation.
____ This evaluation is for the general education purposes only. The transcripts on file will not be
evaluated for major requirements.
____ This evaluation request form does not clear course prerequisites.
____ This evaluation will be completed within 6 to 8 weeks. You will receive a copy of the completed
evaluation via email.
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Complete this form if you have completed general education course work at any other college
AND you have submitted official transcripts for all colleges previously attended
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This form is not for any of the Health Science Programs