Audit Grading Policy
Request for Audit Grading Status
Requests for audit status must be filed with the Office of the Registrar by the 10
class day for Fall and
Spring terms; the first two calendar days following the first day of classes for Summer term. Conditions
of audit follow:
Students must have the approval of the instructor in order to audit a course. If, in the
opinion of the instructor, student exposure and effort expended in the course deserve
the entry of “Audit,” the student will receive such entry on his permanent record. If not,
no entry will be made.
I have read and understand the above policy statement. This course is part of my regular schedule, and
it is part of my load for academic. Tuition and fees for auditing courses are the same as courses taken
for credit.
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I have already registered for the following class, and I request Audit grading status for the class:
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