Request for Approval to Travel-External Examiners
(An incomplete form will not be accepted)
General Information:
is request for travel must be completed and fully approved before any travel or accommodation
can be booked by UEL Travel. Please send all completed forms to
Depending on the purpose of travel, this request may need prior approval by the Academic
Partnership Office, International Recruitment or Student Recruitment Marketing as well as
Dean/Director and Budget Holder. These approvals must be obtained before the form is sent to
UEL Travel. Any forms that have not been fully approved will be sent back for completion.
Wherever possible you should look to get your request to travel form signed off and with UEL
Travel at least 4-6 weeks before the departure date. UEL manages business travel by funneling all
bookings through UEL Travel and we work in partnership with a commercial travel agent who have
been awarded a contract following a competitive tender process.
Please no
te that expense claims will not be paid for any trips that have not been approved and
booked in accordance with the Travel, Subsistence and Expenses Policy, a copy of which, can be
found here
. (
Any costs and insurance arising from travel for personal reasons will be the individuals
Further information can be found on the UEL/ Ian Allan Travel Portal (
Risk Assessment:
UEL will not routinely approve travel to de
stinations deemed high or extreme risk by the Foreign and
Commonwealth Office, (FCO), or our insurance company. For travel to these destinations you will be
asked to provide further information on the exact area you will be visiting and what activities you
will be undertaking. You should check the country reports on Mylifeline
to see if your intended
destination is rated overall as “High” or “Extreme” or refer to the information on the FCO website.
Before travelling, you are required to make yourself familiar with any country specific risks and to
follow any mitigating actions suggested. To do this you must register your details on Mylifeline
using the policy number 0015865161 and search for “country reports”, read the information, (you
may want to print it out), and follow any suggested actions.
Additionally, subscription to the Mylifeline security/travel alerts is recommended. You can subscribe
to alerts for the location/ region you are travelling to for the duration of your trip. If you have any
questions about these services or would like to receive more information on a specific area please
do not hesitate to contact the travel team. Please see the MyLifeline Cheat Sheet
for detailed
instructions on using the portal.
All fields are mandatory except for ones marked **. Incomplete forms will be returned to
the contact person as stated.
Travel information:
Please provide information as requested in full below:
Name of Traveller:
Traveller contact
Traveller email:
Date of Departure:
Date of Return:
Preferred travel
airport, time)
Departure Preferences
Return Preferences
Travelling From
(City or region):
Travelling to:
(City or region)
Preferred hotel**
Details of proposed visit: attach draft itinerary
Purpose of Travel:
Other: please specify
1 – Requires approval of the Academic Partnership Office, 2 - Requires the approval of International Recruitment, 3Requires
the approval of Student Recruitment Marketing
Outline of activities to be undertaken:
Please continue overleaf.
Choose an item from the dropdown list
Funding and costing (this section will be completed by UEL on your behalf):
Please provide full details of sources of funding for this trip and the budget code where it is to be
charged. Ensure that all estimated costs are included (regardless of UEL Travel involvement) as this
information will be used when raising a requisition.
Sources of funding:
Other Funding**:
Budget code:
Estimated costs:
Costs (£)
Travel (e.g. flights, rail etc.)
Total estimated costs
Please note that the cost of flights and accommodation can fluctuate dramatically and the exact
price will not be known until the booking is confirmed.
Checklist for travel:
A checklist for travel is contained here. Please ensure you read it and make the arrangements suggested. I have
read and understood the Checklist for Travel and will make the arrangements suggested (please tick box)
Travel to high- or extreme-risk locations:
For areas where the risk to travellers is deemed high or extreme risk you are required to confirm
that you have understood the in-country risks. Please complete the below risk matrix with the
correct risk ratings. These can be found on our MyLifeline portal (instructions on page 1):
Civil Unrest:
Cyber Issues:
Declaration of Traveller:
I have a valid passport and visa, (if applicable), for my intended destinations
I have read and understood the country specific risk information contained on Mylifeline and
the FCO w
ebsite and will follow any advice given designed to ensure my safety and security
In a
ddition, I am not travelling against FCO advice.
I will monitor the risks before and during my trip and act on any amended advice.
I have read and understood the Financial Regulations, Travel, Subsistence & Expenses Policy
and will fu
lly comply with them.
Please sign overleaf.
Please select a risk from the dropdown list
Please select a risk from the dropdown list
Please select a risk from the dropdown list
Please select a risk from the dropdown list
Please select a risk from the dropdown list
Please select a risk from the dropdown list
Please select a risk from the dropdown list
Please select a risk from the dropdown list
Please select a risk from the dropdown list
Please select a risk from the dropdown list
Signature of applicant: Date:
*Approved by Dean or Director Date:
Approved by APO/SRM/IR
*Approved by VCG Date:
*UEL will gather these signatures on your behalf.
No travel or accommodation will be booked until this Request to Travel Form has been fully approved
by all the appropriate parties including the Dean or Director, the budget manager and, if required,
Academic Partnership Office, International Recruitment or Student Recruitment marketing.