Request for Advanced Modalities
Persons interested in the Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), or Mammography advanced modalities
can receive experiential certificate training through Columbia Basin College. To qualify for this training the applicant must have
graduated from an accredited program currently recognized by ARRT, have a current RTR or ARRT license, OR be a current second
year Radiologic Technology student in good standing. Certificate training is experiential only. Clinical training does not guarantee
eligibility for ARRT advanced modality testing.
**Please note: Instrumentation classes are valid for consideration of clinical placement for a maximum of two (2) years. ARRT
requires structured education and clinical competencies to be utilized for board eligibility must be completed within the same 24
months (2 years).
CBC determines eligibility into Medical Imaging Advanced Modalities (CT or MRI) clinical training each spring/summer based upon
completion of the following classes:
Completion of IMAGE 250 Cross-Sectional Anatomy (fall quarter) with the required minimum grade of 3.0
Completion of IMAGE 280 (CT) or IMAGE 281 (MRI) Instrumentation (winter quarter) with the required minimum grade of 3.0
If clinical placement is requested and the two prerequisite class requirements have been met, it is mandatory that you submit and
pay for your background history and immunization tracker account from the college-approved vendor four weeks before the end of
winter quarter. This is an additional cost for each student.
Placement in a clinical facility is competitive based on accumulative grades and number of positions available in facilities.
Subsequent placements will take into account credits previously utilized.
Students who have a current RTR or ARRT license are eligible for the summer quarter Image 225 Mammography and Image 229
Mammography Clinical upon fulfilling the requirements below. Please note: certificate training is experiential only. Clinical training
does not guarantee eligibility for ARRT advanced modality testing.
Required Documents
Submit the following documents to the CBC Health Sciences Center in Richland: before August 10 for CT or MRI and by May 1 for
Mammography each year in order to be considered:
Current driver’s license (copy required)
Current, valid RTR or ARRT license in good standing (copy required)
CBC student ID number. If you are new to CBC, a college application must be processed at CBC Hawk Central before
registration is allowed.
Registration will be done by the staff at the CBC Health Sciences Center upon review and approval of the Radiologic Technology
Program Coordinator.
Choose the Advanced Modalities Training you are seeking; MRI CT Mammography
I have viewed the CBC Medical Im
aging Technology information online and agree to all requirements at
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Full Name on your ARRT license
Email Address
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CBC Student ID #
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Degree Granting Institution:
I have read this document, provided all required information and agree to the terms listed.
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