Accounting and Financial Services
Request for Accounts Payable Check Pickup
*****Submit this form with your invoice/purchase order.*****
I request a check pickup from the Accounting Office for the following Requisition/Purchase
R0__________ P0__________ Vendor __________________________
Requester Name ______________________________ Phone ___________________
For the following reason:
Contract Obligation (attach copy of contract with payment terms highlighted)
Confidential matter, explain: ________________________________________
Other ___________________________________________________________
Submission of this form is not a guarantee that your request will be granted. You will be
contacted by Accounting personnel letting you know if your request has been granted.
Reasons that requests will NOT be granted:
You desire to pick up the check instead of it being mailed.
You want to hand-deliver the check to an individual or company.
You have paperwork to attach to the check. (Instead, send the paperwork to us to be
mailed with the check
You promised someone a check by a certain time. (Please don’t promise timelines to
**Either tri-fold your additional pages or attach a note indicating that materials need to be sent with the check.
Accounting Office Use:
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