Request by a Senior to take Courses for Graduate Credit
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Seniors who are within 6 semester hours of graduation, or are registering for the semester during which they complete their
bachelor's degree requirements may register for a 500 course for graduate credit provided they also have a cumulative grade point
average of 3.0 or greater. They must also have the approval of: 1) their undergraduate advisor, 2) the instructor of the course who
determines if the course is appropriate for graduate credit, and 3) the graduate program director/coordinator or the department
chairperson of the program/department offering the course(s). The senior may not take more than 9 semester hours of courses for
graduate credit while registering as a senior. These hours will not be counted toward the baccalaureate degree. Please follow the
steps indicated below.
1. Meet with your undergraduate academic advisor to determine if you qualify to take the course you have selected for
graduate credit.
2. Obtain signatures from the undergraduate advisor, the instructor, and the graduate program coordinator/director or
department chairperson of the program/department offering the course.
3. File a copy of the completed form with your undergraduate advisor and the Registrar.
To be completed by the student and instructors:
Family/Last Surname Given/First Middle/Other
Mailing Address
Home Phone
Work Phone
To be completed by the student's undergraduate advisor:
(Include area code)
(Include area code)
Maiden (Other)
State Zip
Semester intended to enroll for courses listed below
The above named is within semester hours of meeting the course requirements for the bachelor's degree and is
approved to take, for graduate credit, the course(s) listed below.
The course(s) will not be counted toward the baccalaureata degree.
Cumulative GPA
Undergraduate advisor signature:
Course Number and Title
Hrs Instructor Signature
To be signed by the program director/coordinator or department chairperson of the program/department offering the
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