Request a document
Authentication or Apostille
Complete on-screen and print
You can complete this form on-screen using the Editable PDF functionality with Adobe Reader.
You must still print off the application and have signed where applicable by hand.
Before you send this application, you need to check:
1. the other organisation's requirements and
2. that your documents meet New Zealand's requirements for an Authentication or Apostille.
Organisations may have specific requirements for
• the age of the documents
• any translations requirements, and
• document processing either as individual documents or as a set of documents.
Usually it takes between 3 to 7 working days to process your documents plus the time it takes for them to be delivered to
We don’t have an urgent service. If you have exceptional circumstances and want us to consider processing your
document urgently, print "Urgent" on your application form and explain why you need the documents processed urgently.
If you need help with the process or filling in the form, there is more information on
Otherwise you can contact us by:
• email to
• phone from overseas on +64 4 460 2221, or
• freephone in New Zealand on 0800 872 675.
Document requirements
How long it takes
Need Help?
Our department has specific requirements depending on the type of document. Check the table on the next
page and visit
for more information on document requirements.
If your document requires notarisation then can help you find a notary public near you. We
don't accept documents witnessed by a Justice of the Peace or a solicitor.
We can’t help with these requirements. You must contact the relevant organisations directly if you have questions
about them.
Individual documents Set of documents
Documents we authenticate Conditions
New Zealand University records Using ‘My eQuals’:
A) Choose to share your document.
B) Choose generate a link to my documents (for each document).
If you don't have access or need assistance please contact your
The document must be notarised by a New Zealand Notary Public
). For further information about notarisation
refer to the next page of this form.
Power of Attorney
Other tertiary institution records
School records
Medical Record
Employment Document
Companies Constitution
Chamber of Commerce documents
Other Personal Document(s)
The document must be notarised by a New Zealand Notary Public
( For further information about notarisation
refer to the next page of this form.
New Zealand Birth, Death, Marriage, Civil Union or Name
Change Certificate
The document must be the original document with a round seal
from the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages
We don't authenticate or Apostille a Copy of Particulars of Marriage
(that is the document you signed on your wedding day).
New Zealand Citizenship Certificates or Letter of Denial
New Zealand Fingerprint document (issued by the New
Zealand Police or NZ Post)
New Zealand Dissolution or Divorce Papers
New Zealand Court Order
NZQA results (that has the NZQA logo on it)
New Zealand Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage
New Zealand Ministry of Health or Medsafe Free Sale
Other NZ Government-issued documents
The document must be:
an original government-issued document with an ink signature
and/or seal and/or stamp (not documents which are printed from
a website or emailed), or
notarised by a New Zealand Notary Public, or
a copy that has been certified by the government department that
issued it.
New Zealand Passport The document must be:
sufficiently certified by the NZ Passport Office, or
notarised by a New Zealand Notary Public
New Zealand Companies Office Extract
New Zealand Companies Office Incorporation
Trade Mark Registration
Patent Registration
Send a copy. We don't need the original document.
New Zealand Criminal Conviction Information (which is less
than 6 months old)
New Zealand Transport Agency Certificate of Particulars
The document must be on Ministry of Justice blue letterhead or
NZTA letterhead.
Post the original paper document.
New Zealand Visa
New Zealand Driver License
The document must be notarised by a New Zealand Notary Public
( For further information about notarisation
refer to the next page of this form.
Does your document require Notarisation by a NZ Notary?
A Notary is a special type of lawyer, however not all lawyers are Notaries.
We will only accept documents notarised by those listed on (i.e. we do
not accept JP's, Court Registrars, Lawyers).
Fees vary between Notaries so you may want to phone more than one.
The Notary will produce a “Notarial Act” which states exactly what they have done i.e. witnessed a
signature or certified a true copy.
If you are overseas you should discuss with the Notary the best way to get your document to them.
1 Search for a Notary at
2 Phone the Notary to make an appointment.
3 Ensure the Notary has completed the following so the document does not need to be returned to
a) made a Statement which sufficiently describes what the Notary has done and is readable
(just `witnessed' or `notarised' are insufficient as it is not clear what has been done), and
b) included the Name and Signature of the Notary, and
c) added the Seal/Stamp of the Notary, and
d) stated the Date & Place where the Notarial Act was done, and
e) any Underlying document(s) match what is said in the Notarial Act and it is clear the
documents were seen by the Notary. To make it clear the Notary has seen all pages of a
multi-page document some Notaries will ribbon all pages and secure the ribbon with their
seal. Other Notaries will initial or seal every loose page to show they have viewed each
4 Post the document which has been Notarised to the Authentication Unit with this `Request a
Document Authentication or Apostille' application form.
Request a document
Authentication or Apostille
Name of the country (not New Zealand) where your document(s) will be presented:
Type of authentication for that country
The process is country specific so please check
to find out if the country is an
Apostille or Authentication country and for any specific requirements.
I request a paper Apostille
I request an e-Apostille
I request a paper Authentication under Category A
I request a paper Authentication under Category B
and have provided the other required documents
according to
Fees Fees
Do you have more than 1 document?
I only have 1 document - go to question 4
I have many documents and I want them processed as:
Refer to the photos on the front of this form:
· A set means all documents will be bound together with 1 certificate of
Authentication or Apostille. Otherwise each individual document will
have its own certificate of Authentication or Apostille.
· If you are requesting an Apostille we can only authenticate documents
as a set if the signature/seal on the documents are the same.
A set
Each is an individual document
If you require a combination of sets and individual documents describe below:
Category A
First Authentication: NZ$65.00
Any additional Authentications: NZ$31.00 each.
Category B
First Authentication: NZ$195.00
Any additional Authentications: NZ$61.00 each.
First Apostille: NZ$32.00
Any additional Apostilles: NZ$15.00
If you want both a paper Apostille
and an e-Apostille: NZ$47.00
Do you need your document translated into another language?
No - go to step 5
Yes - continue below
Standard translation cost is $95.00 each. The Translation Service (
) will
tell you if the fee is different for your translation.
Translate the document/s into this language:
Provide the characters/spellings of all names on the translation, if applicable:
Apostille country Authentication country Category A or B
Page 1
and/or or
Your details
Your name
Company name (if applicable)
Where would you like your documents sent?
State Post Code
Contact Phone Number for this address
How to get your documents delivered
I would like to buy a courier bag (within New Zealand NZ$5.00)
I would like to buy an international courier bag
International courier bag:
Select country (number in brackets is
estimated delivery in days)
Send form and
By post
Authentication Unit
PO Box 805
Wellington 6140
New Zealand
By courier
Authentication Unit
Level 2
7 Waterloo Quay
New Zealand
Drop off in person
for the addresses of our public
offices in Auckland, Manukau, Wellington, Christchurch,
Australia and the United Kingdom.
The amount to pay is a combination of the: Fee in NZD
Authentication/apostille fee from question 2 and 3
Courier fee from question 7
Translation fee (if applicable) from question 4
Total cost
Charge my credit card:
Invoice me (only for regular New Zealand based corporate customers). New
corporate customers should call or email our office to ask us to set this up for them.
VISA Mastercard AMEX Prezzy Card
(b) Expiry Date
(c) Cardholder's name
(d) Cardholder's signature
The reference you want
to appear on the invoice:
(a) Card number
Don't send credit card
information by email.
Do you have any additional instructions?
(If ordering an e-Apostille we will email it to you)
Page 2
(We will deduct the correct fee if paying by Credit Card)
Note: We do not offer standard post as the courier service is more secure
Last updated 13 December 2019
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