Registration and Records
Preferred First Name Change
This form allows all students to designate a preferred first name for use in some HFC systems,
documents, and communications. A student’s last name (surname) will remain unchanged.
Please complete the below form and return, in person, to the Welcome Center. A valid HFC
Student or State ID must be presented for documentation.
HFC reserves the right to deny or remove a preferred name if it contains inappropriate or
offensive language, or is used for the purposes of misrepresentation or fraud. A valid preferred
first name is limited to alphabetical characters, a hyphen (-), and a space.
Print all information clearly in the spaces provided below. Incomplete forms may delay
Student Information
HANK ID Number: ____________________ Phone Number: ____________________
Legal Last Name: ____________________________________
Legal First Name: ____________________________________
Preferred First Name: ____________________________________
By providing your signature below, you acknowledge that HFC will continue to display your legal
name in some HFC systems, including HFC official records, including but not limited to, academic
transcripts, certifications, diploma, financial aid and student accounting.
Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ____________________
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