Garrett College makes information available to the public concerning its policies and activities as an
institution of higher education, providing that the items of information requested do not deal with
confidential personnel matters and are otherwise in the public domain. The Office of the Vice President
of Administrative and Financial Services is the point of contact for information requests; no other office
is authorized to release information to the public.
Except for information that is posted on the College’s website or on the website of an organization to
which the College belongs or reports, all requests will be filled with hard copies or electronic copies of
the documents requested. The charge for copying is five (5) cents per page; some frequently requested
documents are available for a lower fee.
The requestor must submit this signed form electronically or in hard copy to the Vice President of
Administrative and Financial Services. At the time of delivery, the college must receive a signed receipt
or electronic confirmation. Except for electronically posted documents or frequently requested
documents that are routinely made available to the public, which will be provided promptly, the College
has thirty (30) days from the date when the request form is received to provide the information
For questions and further information, please call the Office of the Vice President of Administrative and
Financial Services at 301-387-3036 or e-mail
The following items of information are requested from Garrett College, provided that they are in the
public domain:
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I understand and will comply with the conditions stated above for fulfillment of this request.
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