Deferral of Acceptance/ Change of Start Date/ Change of Program
Note: This form is for undergraduate applicants only.
Please Print Clearly
Name: ____________________________________ Student ID Number: A______________________________
Address: __________________________________ City: ____________________________________________
Province/State: _____________________________ Country: ________________________________________
Postal/Zip Code: _____________________________ Telephone: ______________________________________
Email: ________________________________________________________________________________________
Current Acceptance Term: ____________________ New Deferred Term: ________________________________
Current Program: ____________________________ New Program: _____________________________________
Reason for request: (REQUIRED)
If you are requesting a deferral because you are attending a language school please list the name of the school and
the date that you expect to graduate.
Name of School: __________________________________ Expected graduation date: _______________________
Provide a brief list of activities planned for the deferral period: (REQUIRED)
I have read and understand that:
The Admissions Office approves the Deferral of Acceptance/Change of Start Date/Change of Program for applying
undergraduate students at its discretion.
Incomplete forms will not be considered.
Students can only defer their acceptance for up to a 12 month period after which they must reapply using a new
application (online or paper).
Renewable Entrance Scholarships offered for the original acceptance may be pro-rated and carried forward at the
University’s discretion. Named Entrance Awards will not be carried forward.
If further post-secondary studies are pursued during the deferral period, student must re-apply as a transfer student.
If you have already registered in courses for your original acceptance term, it is your responsibility to withdraw from
Student Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ________________________________
Please send to Admissions Office. Email:
Fax: 902-496-8100
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