Report possible suspicious activity
to Companies House
You can complete this form if:
you’ve been appointed as a company officer without your knowledge or
your registered office has been changed without the company’s knowledge or
the company’s name has been changed without permission
your address has been used without your permission (as a company’s
registered office or officer’s service address)
the people involved in the company are in dispute (such as directors,
shareholders and PSCs)
Appointed without your knowledge or consent
If you think you’ve been appointed as a company officer because you’re employed
through a recruitment agency, you should contact the agency first.
Company disputes
We’ll record your dispute but will not offer advice or become involved.
You must take your own steps to resolve any differences and tell us about any
changes to the company. If the individuals cannot reach a solution, you must seek
your own independent legal advice.
Further guidance
Find out how to report fraud to Companies House and what we can do.
If your details have been used without your consent, you must report it to or telephone 0300 123 2040.
Action Fraud is the national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre for the police. You
can tell us your crime reference number on this form.
Important information
Save your completed form and email it to:
We aim to respond to all queries within 10 working days.
Our personal information charter sets out how we handle your personal data
and how we comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection
Regulation (GDPR). You can find more information on our website.
mpany name(s):
Company number(s):
ck your relevant complaint(s):
Appointed as an officer without consent.
Registered office changed without consent.
Company name changed without consent.
Registered office or officer’s service address being used without consent.
An internal dispute within the company.
Your details:
Telephone number:
Do you know any of the company’s officers?
If ‘yes’, please explain how:
Were you registered with a recruitment or payroll company at the
time of your appointment?
Have you taken payment or agreed to act as a nominee director of
a limited company?
If your complaint is about a residential address being used without
consent, how long have you lived there?
years months
Details of complaint:
Please give as much information as possible.
Crime reference number: (if relevant)
Do you agree for your identity and the details you’ve given above
(as complainant) to be disclosed to law enforcement agencies and
other government departments?
Do you agree for your identity (as complainant) to be disclosed to
the company, its officers or their representatives?
You’ve read the criteria on the first page.
You’ve answered all the relevant questions.
You’ve given as much information as possible, so we can investigate your query.
Save your form and send as an email attachment to: