Gavilan College Petition to Repeat a Course*
Admissions & Records Office *Petitions must have both counselor and student signatures
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Repeating courses may have implications for financial aid awards. Students are advised to consult with financial aid.
Name: ____________________________________________________ G#: __________________________________
Email: ______________________________________________ Phone Number (_______) _________-_____________
Semester/Year: _____________________ I am petitioning to enroll in: __________________ CRN: ________________
Check which one applies to you:
1. I am currently enrolled in this course for the first time and do not expect to receive a passing grade. I need to
re-register for it.
2. I have attempted the above course twice but have not earned a passing grade.
I understand that this is my third and final attempt to pass the above course. Student’s Initials: ________
The following repeats require approval from the Appeals Committee. Please submit this petition with supporting
documents to Admissions & Records. You will be contacted via phone and/or email with the committee’s decision.
3. I am requesting consideration, based on extenuating circumstances (see policy on back), for one additional
enrollment: I have enrolled in this course 3 times and not passed. Must submit required documentation and be
approved by the Standards and Academic Petition Committee. See back of form for more information.
4. I received a satisfactory grade (A, B, C, CR or P) AND
A. There has been a significant lapse of time (5 or more years) since I took this course (AP 4225).
Gavilan College has established a recency prerequisite for the above course. Attach documentation.
My transfer institution has a recency requirement which necessitates a repeat of the
above course. Attach Documentation.
B. I need to repeat the course due to a significant change in industry or licensure standards. Attach
For re-certification or re-licensing as determined by an outside agency. Attach documentation.
Name of Agency: ________________________________________________
C. I need to repeat this course because it is needed to meet a legally mandated training requirement as a
condition of continued paid or volunteer employment. I am currently employed or seeking to be employed for
a paid or volunteer job for which the course is required. Attach copy of federal or state statute or regulation.
Position/job title: ____________________________________________________________________________
___________________________________ (_____) ______________________ ____________________
Student’s work supervisor Phone number Date
I understand that when I repeat a course for which I previously received
a satisfactory grade, my first satisfactory grade (A, B, C, CR or P) will be
calculated in Gavilan’s GPA, and will be recognized by transfer institutions. Student’s Initials: ________
Counselor signature does not imply approval, alternatives discussed with student.
_______________________________________ ___________________
Student’s Signature Date
_______________________________________ ____________________
Counselor’s Signature Date
Counselor added remarks/comments on back side
A&R 09/26/14
Enrolled by: ____________
Date: _________________
Course: ________________
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1. Courses in which a substandard grade or “W” has been received are limited to three enrollments
A student may repeat a course, which is not designated as a repeatable course, in which a grade lower than a
“C” has been received. Once the student has received a satisfactory grade (A, B, C or P), within the allowable
three enrollments, he or she may not repeat the class again. Up to two substandard grades will be disregarded
in calculating grade point average. A student may qualify to repeat a course after receiving a satisfactory grade
under separate regulations. An additional enrollment may be permitted on a petition basis for extenuating
2. Additionally, courses may be repeated for credit after a student has received a satisfactory grade (A, B, C or
P), if one of the following is true:
a. A significant lapse of time of at least five years has occurred since the last passing grade was attained. In
addition, student must meet one of the requirements below:
i. The district has established a recency prerequisite for a course or program pursuant to section
ii. Another institution of higher education to which the student seeks to transfer has established a
recency requirement which the student will not be able to satisfy without repeating the course in
iii. A course is prerequisite for a next course in a sequence and a repeat is needed to refresh skills.
There will be no FTE’s collected for this example.
Repetition shall be permitted only upon petition of the student and with approval of the Academic
Standards and Petition Committee or designee.
b. There is an extenuating circumstance beyond the student’s control which has been verified and approved
by the Academic Standards and Petitions Committee. In addition, a student may petition under this
provision regardless of the previous grade earned.
c. Students may repeat cooperative work experience courses for a total of 16 semester units. General work
experience courses can be taken one time. Occupational work experience courses can be repeated up to
8 units of credit per semester. The combination of both types of work experience classes cannot exceed
16 units total. The grade received each time shall be included for purpose of calculating the student’s
d. Students with a disability may repeat an approved class for students with disabilities any number of times
based on an individual determination that such repetition is required as a disability-related
accommodation for that student. See section 4 for more information
e. Students may repeat a course to meet legally mandated training requirements, after providing
documentation of the said requirements. Such courses may be repeated for credit any amount of time.
f. Students may repeat a course as a result of a significant change in industry or licensure standards such
that repetition of the course is necessary for employment or licensure. Students must provide documents
certifying the significant change in industry or licensure standards necessitating course repetition.
When any course repetition occurs, the permanent academic record shall be annotated in such a manner that
all work remains legible insuring a true and complete academic history. The first satisfactory grade shall be
used in calculating grade point average, unless stated otherwise.
3. Repeatable Courses may only fall under one of three categories:
a. The repetition is necessary to meet major requirements of CSU or UC for completion of a bachelor’s
degree. The district will retain support in documentation as a Class 3 record.
b. Intercollegiate athletics
c. Intercollegiate academic or vocational competition
Enrollment in repeatable courses is limited to no more than four times per course. All repeatable courses shall
be published in the College Catalog. When a course is repeatable pursuant to the section, the grade received
each time shall be included for purposes of calculation of the student’s grade point average. Students
enrolled in non-repeatable courses or re-enrolling in repeatable courses in excess of what is stated in the
College Catalog will be officially (administratively) dropped from those courses.
4. Course repetition will be permitted in specific special classes created for and funded by DRC for students with
disabilities as verified by DRC under the following circumstances:
a. When continuing success of the student in other general and/or special classes is dependent on additional
repetitions of a specific special class;
b. When additional repetitions of a special class are required for the student to meet the performance
criteria of that class;
c. When additional repetitions of a specific special class are essential to completing a student’s preparation
for enrollment into other courses which meet the requirements of a student’s educational objectives.
Grades and units will count for repetitions when meeting the above conditions.
I am petitioning to repeat this course beyond the third time, OR need to take the
course before the significant lapse of time, due to extenuating circumstances (e.g.
verified cases of accidents, illness or circumstances beyond control of the student).
Explanation with attached documentation:
Counselor’s remarks/comments:
Counselor’s Signature:
A&R 08/2014
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