Rental Operating License Application
A property owner must obtain a license prior to operating a rental facility within the City of Annapolis. License application and rental
operating license are non-transferable. Application must include fee of $100.00 per unit. Property must be inspected for compliance
of the City’s Code and International Property Maintenance Code before the license will be issued.
Rental Property Address Unit #
Property Tax ID # Complex/Hotel Name
Property Owner Information
Property Management or Authorized Agent* Information
Name Name
Company Company
Address Address
City State Zip City State Zip
Day phone Cell Day phone Cell
E-mail E-mail
* The Property Management or authorized agent will be the person that we contact regarding renewals, inspections, complaints and
any violations.
Single Family Dwelling Two Family Dwelling Multi Family Dwelling Apartment Hotel Hotel
Total number of dwelling units in the entire building Number of units requested on this application
Is the building owner occupied? Yes No Year Built
Does the unit have AC electric power supplied smoke alarms? (City Code Section 17.40.440) Yes No
***Must have smoke alarms installed on each ceiling or wall outside of each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of
bedrooms, in each sleeping room, and each story of the dwelling unit (International Property Maintenance Code 704.2)***
All owners of residential rental properties in Maryland constructed prior to 1978 must comply with the State’s lead law (Title 6, Subtitle 8
of the Environmental Article). Properties built prior to 1950 must provide a copy of the Maryland Department of the Environment
(MDE) lead certificate. Properties built between 1950 and 1978 must provide a copy of MDE lead certificate, if new tenant as of
January 1, 2015. We cannot process your application until this section is completed and lead requirements are met. If you have
questions call MDE at 410-537-4199.
MDE Tracking Number Lead Certificate Number
Tenant Move in Date Copy of Certificate Included) Yes No
Owner is required to provide the Customer Information Booklet for Rental Operating License and Property Maintenance prepared by
the Department of Planning and Zoning to new tenants. (City Code Section 18.04) Copies are available on our website or by visiting our office.
The applicant hereby certifies and agrees that: (1) they are the owner or the duly authorized agent of the owner to make this application; (2) they have
read all of the information above set forth and declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct; (3) the license, if issued, may be
declared void should said information be false; (4) they will comply with the ICC Code and the Charter and Code of the City of Annapolis, which are
applicable hereto; (5) they agree to inspections by the Department of Planning and Zoning and the Fire Department to determine if the property is in
compliance with the provisions of the ICC Code and the Charter and Code of the City of Annapolis; (6) they will notify the Department of Planning and
Zoning within 24 hours if there is a change of ownership or in the agents who are listed above.
Applicant Signature Date
Fee Submitted $ . Checks made payable to City of Annapolis and mailed to the address above.
City of Annapolis
Approved by
Date approved
Rental License #
Rental District
1 2 3 4
Department of Planning and Zoning
145 Gorman Street Fl 3
Annapolis, MD 21401-2529 410-260-2200 Fax 410-263-9158 TDD use MD Relay or 711