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I am listing my interest in board, advisory council, or planning committee service with Reno
County On Board. I understand by checking the "Yes" button below that my name and contact
information will be provided to area non-profit and governmental organizations who are looking
for possible board, advisory council, and/or committee members. I also understand that listing
with Reno County On Board does not guarantee that I will be selected for board service,
advisory council or planning committee service.
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Reno County On Board was developed by The Volunteer
Center and Young Professionals of Reno County in an
effort to help identify a larger, more varied pool of people
willing to serve on area non-profit boards of directors,
advisory groups and community committees. Reno County
On Board serves as a resource for organizations looking
for individuals interested in serving in leadership positions.
Selection, nomination, or appointment of individuals
referred from the On Board registry ultimately is up to
each organization.
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