Here is a checklist for you to use to think about the health and safety risks
of your workers.
Name of worker
Issue Comments/any actions required Actions taken
When they are working?
What they are working on?
How are they being monitored
and communicated with?
Do the direct / line managers
understand their responsibilities
for the health and safety of
remote workers under their
Are there arrangements in place
for providing remote workers
with information, instructions
and training?
IOSH Covid-19 advice
Remote worker health
and safety checklist
Issue Comments/any actions required Actions taken
Are there standards or policies
covering people working
remotely? If so, have they
received this information?
Are there arrangements in
place for maintaining workers’
equipment, considering the
needs of the worker?
Are arrangements in place for
monitoring the health and
safety of the remote workers?
What has been done to assess
remote workstations?
Has the organisation provided
work equipment that takes into
account the home environment?
Have workers been given
guidance on how to set up
a computer workstation
Have arrangements been made
for controlling issues around
lone working, stress and
general mental health?
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